A successful house relocation takes a lot of effort and intense planning to deliver each and everything safely to the destination place.

No one wants to break their memorable and precious household, electronics, or furniture during the move. But the process of moving house is very complex and many people end up with either damaged goods or injure themselves.

This all happens because of inappropriate knowledge, skill and ability to handle things carefully without any stress. We understand house relocation is a tough and stressful task but by avoiding haste and stress you can calmly plan your move and avoid the major mistake when you move your house.

However, during the whole process of relocation you need to pack and handle each thing properly and sometimes due to this it becomes very tough to remember what to do and what not and how to overcome the mistake during the house removals.

Moving is full of unexpected problems and situations, sometimes it may be due to natural issues like weather change and sometimes due to our carelessness.

A house contains several different objects of different nature and size, and each requires a unique way of moving without any damage or issue.

A few mistakes can be managed easily while some lead to disastrous results or failure in the removal process. Therefore, it is necessary to research and understand every positive and negative factor of house relocation.

Here, the expert removalists of Moving Champs in Australia have mentioned all the common but major mistakes to avoid when relocating a house either local or interstate.

When you move your house from one place to another place in Australia, just remember the following tips for a safe and satisfying house moving experience. So, just keep reading!

Avoid These 6 Biggest Mistakes During House Relocation

People understand and learn by their own or other people’s experiences. But when moving to a new house or a small apartment comes to a fresher, it is very difficult to examine the mistakes and cons of house removal.

For the first-timers, understanding the don’t and mistakes to avoid when moving house is very much important for a smooth and hassle-free move.

If you are also moving your house for the first time, then you should have proper information about each step of the house removals process and associated mistakes with it. Check every point mentioned in this post and know how you can avoid these big mistakes.

#Mistake 1: Lack Of Proper Planning Before House Relocation

This is the most common but huge mistake which people make when moving their house. If you go for anything without any planning, then you may involve yourself in many problems.

Same as before relocating your house, detailed planning is important for the time and cost-effective execution of your house removals. Whether you are moving on short notice or have a long time, you need to plan your move in every condition.

Examine every single requirement of your move and draw a perfect around it at least 2-3 weeks before the actual moving day. When you start early and have more time, then you can calmly define every single step of relocation with no hassle and haste.

You can make the best choices for your house furniture removals. Therefore, whenever you decide to move or relocate your house, don’t forget to make a good plan and to-do checklist as early as possible to eliminate mistakes and ambiguity during the house removal process.

Apart from this start your planning and sorting of the goods early. You should make a checklist list of all the goods you want to move and you don’t want to move to your new house. Early sort and planning also help you to get a proper estimation of the moving cost, packing supplies and equipment.

When you do not plan for your house removal or start late, it will create more stress and panic which may lead to more problems, missing items, and mistakes during the removal process.

Even if you start early, then you can make any change in the pre-planned removal process, if there is any change in the moving condition.

Try to take out a good amount of time from your busy schedule and stick to it completely until you have relocated everything to the new place safely. Therefore, we suggest you not skip the early planning stage to avoid mistakes and damages when moving house.

#Mistake 2: Not Having A Checklist Of Goods To Be Packed And Moved

Sorting and packing your household goods and furniture is a very difficult and time-consuming step of the removal process.

You should never take this lightly, especially when you are moving house to the interstate or long-distance.

But before packing, you should have a well-maintained checklist of those things which you want to relocate and those which you don’t need or want to sell or donate.

Many of us, just starting to pack up everything we have in our house which increases moving expenses, size of the goods to be moved, delays in the removal process, etc.

If you don’t carry a checklist in advance before you pack your belongings, then you may get confused, overpack for the new house, or may miss some important things too.

And this will automatically turn into a mess. That is why we advise you to maintain a checklist of items to be moved before you pack.

You can take help from your nearby removal company or your friends to sort your goods wisely for the best and affordable house removal. The best thing you can practice is to categorize your household things into sell, donate and dispose of.

Discard or dispose of all the unnecessary and damaged things. Sell all the old and not so frequently used goods to gain some amount which you can save to manage some moving expenses.

This will reduce some stress of packing and the cost of removal also.

Note – Please make sure, you don’t buy some new items before the relocation process. It will also increase the stress of packing and needs more safety while moving.

After sorting you will feel relaxed and easy to pack and move your goods to your new home within the defined time limit.

So, whenever you move, create a checklist of your goods to be packed and moved for safe and budgeted house removal and it will also help to pack your essentials with no delays and loss.

#Mistake 3: Use Of Poor Quality Packing Material

This is one of the most common but disastrous mistakes which people make to save some pennies when they move their goods from one place to another.

While moving the house, many people have a very low moving budget, due to which they look for cheap packing and moving methods.

The use of poor or cheap packing supplies is also one of the common mistakes. Saving some amount on the move is very important and good also but you need to think where you have to save and where you have to spend for the safe removal of your expensive and necessary goods.

If you pack your goods with poor quality packing material, then it will lead to damage to your belongings. For the best security of your valuable things, you should always use good quality packing materials.

If you are having a very low budget, then try to collect free packing supplies or recycled one’s which are in good condition.

You can use old newspapers and some household things also to pack your fragile and valuable things but just be aware of ink.

There are many options to save money while moving house or apartment but when it comes to packing your goods don’t go for cheap packing supplies.

#Mistake 4: Hiring A Moving Company Without Any Research

When hiring a removal company for the relocation of goods professionally, people make one common but major mistake which is not doing proper research before hiring a removalist company.

If you are also looking for hiring a house removalists company in Australia to make your house relocation easy, safe, and effortless, then make sure you have chosen the right one.

There are many fraud moving companies that offer cheap rates to attract customers and provide poor and pathetic removalists services.

Sometimes when people don’t research deeply about the removal company leads to moving scams and theft of their valuable goods and antiques.

Therefore, good research on removal companies is important before hiring any one of them. After all, you can’t give your valuable items to someone who is not worthy of trust.

Here are important tips while choosing a safe and best house removalists company:

  • Select 9-10 house moving companies by reading their customer’s reviews and ratings
  • Filter 3-4 best companies from your list and check their credentials, terms, and conditions properly
  • Check the experience and license of the removal company
  • Get free quotes from the removalists company
  • Compare the quotes and services of filtered moving companies
  • Arrange pre-move surveys for better cost estimation (genuine companies offer free pre-move surveys)
  • Hire that one moving company that provides almost every service in one place and suits your budget too

In this way, you will never make a mistake in hiring the best professional moving company such as Moving Champs in Australia. Take these tips seriously to avoid any kind of moving scam, theft, or mistake while moving house or office.

#Mistake 5: No Moving Insurance

All your research, efforts, cost savings tactics are a waste when you don’t take comprehensive moving insurance or valuation on your house removal during the relocation process.

Whether you are moving to the local area or long distance, insurance on your all-important and valuable items is a must. This will provide your goods more safety and protect their value even after the damage also.

If you don’t want to take the risk with your house removal or want more protection on your moving items, then it is always advisable to take valuation or removal insurance to handle any damage which may occur during the transit.

As we said earlier, shifting of house and even a piece of single furniture comes with many uncertain problems and issues, therefore, you should be aware of each thing, and moving insurance is also one of them.

Removal insurance is not so expensive and won’t fluctuate your moving budget. This will provide you peace of mind that your goods will reach safely to your destination place and if any damage occurs then, the value of the goods will be protected under the house removal insurance.

Mistake 6: Forget To Transfer Of The Essential Utilities And Post Move the Cleaning

In the excitement and haste of packing and moving house, many people forgot to transfer the essential services and utilities like gasoline connection, water, electricity connection, landline, etc. This mistake creates lots of problems when you reach your new house.

As you have to live without these utilities until they get transferred to your new location. Therefore, we advise you to mention the transfer of utilities into your to-do checklist in bold letters.

The earlier you transfer all these services to your new place, the sooner you can organize your whole new home and will live comfortably.

Another thing which people don’t consider but very essential in the matter of both cost-effective and efficient moving, that’s post clean up.

Many people don’t do any cleaning of their old house after the complete removal. They leave all the garbage and waste packing supplies at their old place.

This will lead to a reduction in their security deposit. If you are living in a rented house then post-move cleaning becomes even more important to collect the deposit money without any issue.

You can contact the moving company for professional cleaning services also. They will clean the whole mess after the complete house removal and this helps you to get your deposit back easily.

Therefore, don’t forget these two things: clean up after the removal of the goods and transfer utility services before you reach the new location.

Bottom Line

So, these were the common but biggest mistakes people make when moving house to local as well as to the interstate. Hope this helps you in your future moves.

Whether you are going to move by yourself or by assisting a professional house removalists company, just take care of these mistakes and try to avoid them completely for safe and smooth removal of your household and electronics items.

If you are having lack of time or if you are not able to manage the whole move, then it is advisable to book the best house removalists in your area, trusted and professional house movers take care of each step and provide you with a quick and satisfying removal service.

Here, Moving Champs is also one of the cheapest and top-rated house and furniture removals companies in Australia. Our house removalists are well-trained and experienced in moving all kinds of heavy and fragile goods.

They possess good technical knowledge to move electrical appliances safely. If you are moving, then give us a try. For more details, feel free to contact us anytime.

Our Contact Details Are:

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