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Are you looking for a new refrigerator but want to dispose of the old one first? Or are you looking for cheap fridge removalists services, because you are shifting your house? Doesn't matter if you decide to do the task all by yourself, it will only consume your time and could even take a whole day to get completed. And if in the meanwhile that you get stuck in the middle or gets hurt, it will all not worth it. The refrigerator has been working as a helping hand in the process of storing your food and keeping it eatable for a longer period of time.

Moving a fridge is not the work of a single man, we all understand that it requires a full-fledged team of a few people, who have experience doing such work for years. The chances are very high that your fridge is differently modeled than other refrigerators. That is why we always have a plan ready for all types of challenges. In addition to the fact that refrigerators are unwieldy and massive, but at the same time they're expensive too. However, you can make the occupation a lot simpler by calling out professional fridge movers from the Moving Champs.

We are able to take these kinds of refrigerators-

  • Fridge/Freezer Combinations
  • Full-sized Deep Freezers
  • Compact Refrigerators
  • Mini-freezers
  • Top Freezer Refrigerator
  • Side-by-Side Fridges/ Refridgerator
  • Bottom Freezer Refrigerator
  • French Door Fridges
  • Counter-Depth Refrigerator
  • Mini Refrigerators
  • Broken or damaged Refrigerators


We never put a guarantee note for something we are unable to perform. Our team of professional fridge movers understands the machine very well. That's why we are not only able to move your fridge but provide installation as well. With the experience of many years in this industry, our team is qualified enough to cope up with any challenge that comes in the way while moving of your refrigerator.

How do Moving Champs assure a damage-free Fridge Removals?

Layout check: Before the actual moving day, our team of fridge movers will check out the route (doorways, staircase, turns, etc.) to make sure your fridge will not be damaged and get easily loaded in the back of the truck.

Cleaning and emptying the refrigerator: This ought to be an easy decision, however, you'd be shocked by the fact that the number of individuals forgets about it. Either you have to eat up the food you would prefer not to lose, or release it (perhaps store the food at a friend's home). Your refrigerator will be lighter, making it simpler and more secure to move, in addition to it, it'll be a lot of cleaner on arrival!

You can avail a refrigerator cleaning service with the Moving champs. We offer the best cleaning services in Australia. When your fridge is vacant, our cleaner will be appointed on the job. They will wipe down all surfaces with disinfectant, detach the compartments, trays, crisper, etc to get clean as much as possible.

Defrost your fridge: Water and ice won't just make things harder for us only it will damage your fridge during the time of packing and transit. Hence, we suggest you before moving, leave the fridge off until all gathered ice has liquefied, and then our cleaners will wipe away all the extra water with warm water and cloth working all the way from top to bottom.

Packing of fridge: To wrap it properly, we start by carefully coiling any power cords and/or lines and securing them close to the fridge with the tight round of a packing tape.

From there, refrigerator removalists use packing tape to seal the doors shut. Then wrap moving covers around the entire refrigerator and secure it in place with moving straps or bungees—one toward the top of the fridge and one toward the bottom.

The Refrigerator Move- Upstairs or downstairs: The key factor here is to go slow, there will be no rush in getting your fridge through the stairways. After gently putting your fridge on to the dolly one worker from the team will go in front and one worker will be on the back to hold the dolly from both sides. Taking one step at a time the members of the refrigerator removalists team will tackle this obstacle with ease.

Ready to transport and loading and unloading: Then we carefully load the fridge on the back of the truck. We are not throwing your fridge. We are going to scoot your fridge to the side with straps or bungee cords secured dolly to the refrigerator.

At the arrival point, our fridge movers will smoothly unload the fridge from the back of the ramped truck, unpack it and reinstall it in your house safely without any single damage.

Why choose our Fridge Removalists?

We are the budget saviour: The cost of the service is a concern and we won't argue with that. Unlike any other removalists near you, we are not going to charge you with the hard amount of cash. With the 100% guarantee of better service quality, our team will make your work easy.

We are the expert refrigerator removalists near you: Moving Champs will send a team of specialist fridge Removalists in Australia. With the experience of taking this task several times in the past, our team is trained to give every customer their desired quality of move.

No barrier in communication: The rule is initiated by the team itself, where they interact with the customers directly without getting any middleman in between. It improves productivity and shows us how much our team of fridge removalists is serious about the work.

Insurance: If your fridge gets damaged during the transit or in storage, we have got you covered, with the same value, that your fridge is of.

Moving a fridge is not that much hard but, it's not easy also. So, without wasting any minute get the right quotation on your mobile phone and call our professional fridge removalists to move your fridge anywhere in Australia.


Other than fridge what kind of removalists services your company provides?

Thank you for showing your interest. Yes, we provide several other services like house and office removalists, piano removalists and many more. You can simply call us and get insights into the in-depth classification of our moving services.

What is the point of calling out professional movers when we move the refrigerator on our own?

You can move your fridge but there is no guarantee that it will not get damaged. Our professionals have the right equipment and are the right man for the job. We provide you with the guarantee that nothing will get damaged during the entire process.

Other than fridge what home appliances do you move?

Other than refrigerators we are capable of moving different types of home appliances for example vacuum cleaners, electric dishwashers, electric iron, washing machine, coffee machine, microwave, etc. Moving champs pay extra care when it comes to moving such electronic appliances, we have our own planned and tried packaging techniques for such appliances which assure the safety and protection from the vibrations and jerks while moving from one place to another.

How many workers does your company usually send?

It depends on the type of work and the scale of the move. Genrally for a firdge relocation, we send 2-3 skilled fridge movers for a smooth move. So, it totally depends on the scale and the complexity of the move.

Do your movers charge extra money at the end of the relocation?

No, there is no hidden cost in any of our servicing packages. We offer one of the most affordable quotes to you when it comes to moving your furniture local or interstate in Australia. To know more, contact us today on our customer care staff, we are avaialable 24*7 to provide you with the necessary information related to the fridge removalists services in Australia.

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