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When moving a complete house the area of concern remains the oversized furniture of the home and the situation gets worst if you have a Pool table/billiard/snooker table. Here at Moving Champs, we exactly understand the worries you have that make it difficult for you, being an unprepared, to move your Pool table by yourself. We provide you with expert Pool table removalists in Australia, to address all your worries and make the move easier for you, no matter the distance and the complexity.

One of the key performance indicators for any removalist firm is how much weightage they put on there every service. Our firm Moving Champs has been for years in the moving industry situated in Australia, giving every removalist service to our beloved customers from piano to the pool table in the best possible way. We offer a lot of services packages to our customers according to their needs. One of them is the pool table removalists service.

A pool table is an expensive and useful household item that unites spaces and individuals. Since you're planning to move, it makes obvious sense that you need to take it with you. However, if you're inexperienced with the various parts of a pool table, moving it can be a difficult task. Fortunately, we're here to help. Moving a pool table on your own isn't something that we suggest to you, however with the correct safety measures and devices set up, it very well may be finished.

Moving something so large as a pool table in a manner that it does not get damaged is a difficult task. Our professional pool table movers have all the required tools, and experience to avoid any unwelcoming matters and get the job done for you in the fastest turnaround time. You can contact us for that matter where you have to fill your requirement to get the quotation that renders the estimated cost and our work plan to get the job done.

Just like the game itself, moving a pool table demands a plan or a strategy to make the process smooth. This generally implies dismantling it. All things considered, these prestigious playing instruments can weigh up to 1,000 pounds.

Moving Champs knows exactly how to pull off all the things. With the correct steps and doing the right thing at the right time, we make your pool table moving journey stress-free and less-hassled at the when you need it the most.

Why are we better than other pool table removalists?

A pool table is perhaps the hardest thing you can move. It's substantial, massive, wide, and shockingly fragile. The DIY approach can be harmful to you and to the billiard table. Many individuals tragically try to deal with it like a dresser or couch by considering a lot of companions to help and afterwards bending it all over to fit through the entryway. Sadly, these activities regularly resulted in injury to you or your friends & family, and you can twist the surface or damage one of the components of your pool table.

This is not an ordinary job to perform and, we are not an ordinary bunch of workers either. Our pool table removalists in Australia will assure the timely delivery of your product without giving any reason for complaint.

Pool table moving is our soul. Our master expertise has been passed on for many years. We've assembled a remarkable reputation for safely and quickly relocating and removing billiard tables irrespective of where they were placed. Dealing with every situation with the same amount of energy is our strength. Steps, thin entries, and galleries all present their own arrangement of obstructions for our group to deal with your hardware through. Our experience and focus on work will make a difference.

How we manage to move a pool table?

The pool table is of many types and demands different approaches to move from one point to another. Our planning depends on the type, size and distances your pool table needs to cover. From the size of the standard pool table to large size billiard table, from contemporary to traditional, our team is expert in moving any pool table on our customers demand.

The pre-plan move -

We will closely investigate your table before moving to ensure it is in acceptable condition with no wrecked pieces that need repairs. It could likewise require new pads or felt. If so, we replace these after the move when we are prepared to reassemble.
Then figure out the layout of the place where this item is already placed by taking all the measurement. This will give us an idea of whether to carry out your pool table as a whole or in pieces. This exercise will also clear the manpower required to conduct the first phase of the process.

In the chance of disassembling the pool table, we should sort out how much space you need to move the table through and out of the home without bringing on any harm. We use a measurement tape to measure every entryway, passage, or flight of stairs through which your pool table may need to travel through.

Disassembling of a pool Table

Before moving further, we label everything. All that we remove during the dismantling requires to be carefully categorized, so assembling it back will not create an issue. There isn't anything more awful than moving a pool table across town, and have absolutely no idea where the screws or the bolts are at the time of unpacking.

So, the steps to disassemble a pool table starts from:

  • Pick up the tools - Make our toolbox is fully equipped with safety glasses, a set of flathead screwdrivers, a power drill, a level and have something to remove the staples from the felt. Moving a billiard table demands intense power, so we provide some of the strongest Pool table movers for your moving day, to ease out the process a bit for you. To ensure the table makes it without damage, Our team of pool table removalists in Australia cover it using thick blankets, bubble wrap and packing tape. We place all the screws, bolts and nuts in labelled re-sealable bags for easy reassembly
  • Detach the pockets- Although the pockets on pool tables can be fixed differently, they generally are secure to the table using the right staples, screws or bolts. Lying on the back of one of our workers under the pocket (wearing the safety glasses), with total care we remove the pocket and keep the pocket and screws aside together
  • Remove the rails- We detach the bolts from the underside of the rails and then slide them out. In the case when rails are attached to each other, with the extra help from our furniture removalists, we flip them over together before disconnecting. And then place the bolts in a pre-labelled re-sealable bag and wrap the rails securely
  • Detach the felt- In this case, we require steady hands and lots of patience. And luckily we have both. In the first phase, we determine if the felt is connected to the table by staples or glue. If staples have been used, then we detach the staples. If glue has been used, then we gently pull the felt backwards (not forwards or upwards as you risk stretching or tearing) until the felt has been removed from the slate of the table
  • Remove the slate- This heavy work will be addressed properly. The slate is usually screwed into the table's frame, so we will take our power drill. Often the screws can be tricky to find as wax has been used on the head of the screws to prevent damage. We scrape the wax off before removing the screws and put the screws in a pre-labelled re-sealable bag. And make sure that the slate is well protected before moving
  • Remove the legs- detach the bolts attaching the legs to the frame, then again making sure you put the bolts in a re-sealable bag and protecting the legs with sheets or wrap

This is all a general overview that, how we as a team of pool table removalists in Australia attempt to disassemble the pool table.

The packaging will be done according to the size, type of each pool table component. Every tool or the items is packed in their respective packings and labeled carefully.

And then all the components will be loaded in a truck (truck size of your choice) well packed for their next stop. We have an all equipped storage facility as well for those customers who are looking to store their Pool table for a duration of time, be it for short-term or long-term.

Why choose our pool table movers?

We are the expert Pool table Removalists in Australia: Our Billiard table removals team have taken care of many pool tables and billiard tables for a long time and they realize these tables are non-identical from each other relying upon age and condition. The technique used to dismantle and reassemble the table differs and this is something that you may not understand when attempting to do it without anyone's help. And that is why we are the expert in this work.

Less Room for error: Our pool table removalists exactly know the significance of precisely assessing pool tablespaces. There are many occasions when the last place of the pool table is excessively close making it difficult for the pool table to fit or difficult to utilize. Our Billiard table removals group measures constantly again to guarantee there is sufficient space to fit the table and play in the new home or not?.

Affordable Pool table moving services: For both the parties customer and the company, the cost is a significant matter and needs to be considered. Taking shortcuts can cost you more than usual in terms of all the resources. Our service will assure you the best possible service cost to make your day without compromising it with the service quality and the duration of the move.

Pool table removalists Insurance that you can claim for any type of the damages: Much the same as pianos, pool tables are massive, heavy and fragile. They include a few (and little) parts that can undoubtedly get harmed during a move. Our professional pool table movers have the correct the accurate ways and protection set up to guarantee that you will be compensated if something turns out badly or you hurt the Pool tabe during the tansit or in the storage. Moving Champs will assure you that the service, we provide to you can save your time and money both, and give you an experience that you will not be going to forget shortly.


Do you supply packing materials as well?

Of course, yes. We supply packing materials such as boxes, tape, bubble wrap, marking pens, tissue paper, mattress covers and other necessary materials you may need. We provide some of the best packing materials to the people. For more information please contact us on the number given on our official website.

The charges for your service depends upon how big a pool table is?

There are different factors that decide the cost of our Billiard table removals service in Australia, Victoria. The size, conditions, architecture & paths, distance to be traveled, etc define the charges of your pool table removals process.

Are there any different type of packagings option your company provides?

Yes, it all depends on the customers what kind of suggestion they want to add to the packaging service and, our team will work on it accordingly. We offer one of the best Pool table packing and moving services across Australia.

Many companies charge extra for their services specially related to pool table or piano. Does your company follow the same?

No, we don't claim any type of hidden charges from our customers, the first quote that we give is the final quote that you have to follow or pay for the service that you have availed. Neither we charge any registration fee for the people of Australia.

You said service charges are low. So that service quality will also decrease or not?

No, we never compromise with the quality of our service. We provide the customers with the best furniture removalists services across Australia. Our rates aren't high because we aim at providing the best removalists services in Australia at a highly budgeted rates.

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