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When it comes to moving a spa, it is by far, one of the toughest items to move. Most of the people don't understand the severity of the move and end up being hurt or damage their bathtubs. Before moving a bathtub there are several points one needs to pay concern to like (Weight of the bathtub, size of the tub related to halls and doors, the floor on which your bathtub will be placed, etc.) However, with the help of our professional bathtub movers, you can tackle this condition in no time and stress.

Moving a bathtub or a spa out of a place is very sensitive and difficult process. Its not something that could be taken risk with! Even not when you are physically fit or have a few people to help you. Because one slightest mistake can cost you some serious amount of money because of its cumbersome size. That's why if you dont have any past experience of house removal or such a gigantic house item, we would highly suggest you not to take any chance.

What professional bathtub movers do to safely relocate your Bathtub to another location?

Our moving company the Moving Champs use an organised process to complete this task. With the right choice of tools and number of professionals, we ensure you the damage free spa removals service.

Like every other task, this one also needs a process to complete most satisfactorily and smoothly.

Drain the water of your bathtub

To drain the water from the bathtub or the spa tub, you need to shut off the supply of water from the source or if its already filled then turn on your tub’s faucet to drain the remaining water out through the pipe.

If you have a spa then simply use a hose connector to prepare a joint to the drain valve. After finding a drain valve, remove its cap or cover, and then connect one end of the hose to the valve and run down the other end to an appropriate drainage spot.

Removing the Hardware

  • Remove the faucet: Starting from the top first we remove the tub faucet by unscrewing it or turning it counterclockwise until it ditches.
  • Detach the faucet handles: Then we unscrew the handles holding the faucet in the place.
  • Remove the tiles: Then, we remove the surrounding tiles one after the other with a utility knife.
  • Remove the tub: After removing the drywall, it is time to remove the tub by taking out its screws securing the tub to the wall by using a screwdriver and pry bar.

Professional Bathtub packing service

We pack every part of your spa in a good quality packing material that will protect your spa from any kind of damage. We use a high quality PE foam and covering blankets to protect the spa tub or bathtub from any dent or damage while taking it through the narrow spaces.

Making the way for Spa Removal

At the point when we talk about finding the way across, we don't mean to the truck, we mean from the truck, as well. There is no point getting your spa to its new home, just to find that you can't fit it through the door. In this way, we utilize the estimations we took before, working out the best course that offers the least obstruction. Then our team worked out where to move a spa which is similarly as significant as working out how to move a spa.

Spa removal dollies

Furniture dollies work best with level surfaces, so we place plywood pieces under your spa before endeavouring to put it on the dollies. To keep away from your hot tub tumbling off, we secure it to the carts with moving lashes.

Loading to the truck

We use a truck with a ramp. After making sure that the dolly is attached to the bathtub, our bathtub movers will load the hot tub on the truck by fastening it to the sliding dollies and safely load it to the truck.

Why you should choose our Spa Removal Experts?

Keep your tension aside: Hiring Moving Champs as your bathtub moving company in Australia implies that, we co-ordinate the transportation from entryway to-entryway, permitting you to concentrate on the fun aspect of the move.

Cost friendly: Bathtub or spa is an expensive item but our service of removing it is not. Our customers trust us on being so cost-effective with no compromise in the quality of the service.

Expert Removalists: Trust us, removing a spa is a hard job to take, and our bathtub moving team is aware of this fact. That's why they use their years of experience to make the process of moving so good. Our team removed almost 2000 bathtubs before and not a single case of poor service quality is received by us.

Insurance: Our insurance policy will make sure that your item is secure in all the cases our spa removal service experts face during the moving process.

When we perform the house removals, we take special care because, we understand that how much every item of the house is close to the heart and the family. That's why we are here to serve you and give our very best each time to make your moving service experience good and satisfying.


Does disassembled different parts of a spa charge some extra cost?

No, we do not include any extra charge for the disassembling and assembling process. Disassembling is the part of a moving process, and when we talk about it, we are referring directly to the relocation process itself. We charge hourly rates, and in those hours disassembling counts as an integeral process. And so when we talk about disassembling a spa tub, no we dont charge any extra fee for that.

Do we have to arrange anything before the moving day?

No, you don’t have to do anything. Just have your usual day and let us take your worries away. You can get the full information by generating a quote on our website like (Time duration, cost of the service, the process of moving and more).

For how many days of a week your service is available?

We are available 24*7 to serve you throughout the week. Our spa tub removals team is all set to serve you any day of the week. To get a free quote you can contact us on our official number and for more information you can also mail us on our official mail id that is Get the quotation to check the availability and set your day.

Do we really need to call a removalists company for this work?

It depends on what kind of bathtub you have and how much technically aware you are about the mechanism of your item in the bathroom. If you are sure you can handle it by yourself then do it but, if you don’t then call our spa removal service.

Can I pack my Bathtub?

We usually don't allow customers to pack their spa on their own, because in that case, you won't be able to protect your spa with the help of insurance coverage. Moving Champs don't allow the customer to pack because, if it gets damaged during the move, you won't be able to claim for the same.

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