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Every individual is quite aware of the fact that moving to a new location with family can be a very stressful task. The excitement of being at the new place and beginning something with a fresh breath can be crushed by the weight of the end number of tasks up ahead waiting for you to be completed. Most people avoid the spoilage of the beginning of a new chapter in their life by simply hiring professional removalists in Australia. The professionals from Moving Champs are like a perfect treat to low down all your tensions by taking care of your every moving issue that is stressing you out.

Every Removalists company has its own wings to fly and give a customer-friendly experience to each individual who visits their site. Moving Champs are not separate from that. Our removalists in Australia are qualified and experienced enough to make your moving day enjoyable rather than stressful. The remembrance of something good will always leave an everlasting impression on one’s mind. You want your relocation experience just like that.

Checkout some perks of having the professional removalists of Moving Champs on your side

  • They are certified, professional movers in Australia. Knows every bit of work in the removalists industry
  • Our moving firm has a specialized team of workers. They are a multitasking and a well-behaved unit of on the job
  • They are enhanced with all the necessary types of equipment to better conduct the job
  • We, the Moving Champs have the well-maintained collection of different sizes of removals trucks equipped with the latest movig tools and machines to take care of any type of good no matter the size and delicacy.
  • They have well-settled storage houses with great capacity and 24 hours of surveillance benefit
  • Quick responsiveness is another key point to be noticed. Every mail, call, and a message is promptly responded to, by the customer care staff of Moving Champs available 24*7 in the support of the customers to provide them with the best moving solutions of their budget


All the services enlisted down below is designed to fulfill your relocation needs for any day. Separate from one another, the attribute of each is objectified to fulfill one goal only and that is customer satisfaction.

Removalists services that we offer in Australia

Our Furniture Removalists in Australia are available to make your workload less and give you a chance to concentrate on the other essentials of life, like enjoying the experience, being level headed during the move. We are always ready to move your goods locally as well as interstate in Victoria. It’s just a matter of one call from you that makes your trouble a breeze. Our professional movers in Australia always work on how to provide you with a service that reduces the adverse effect of a moving day, and on the right note, we have done that many times before and with a view to do it again at the times when possible

The addition of backloads services has its own flair. We provide this service facility from various states of Victoria. The service continues on a weekly basis. You may need to adjust a little bit but we assure you that you’re expensive and close to the heart goods will be safe and secure with us. The availability of backloading service is present for the local move too. So, you don’t have to worry about that.

Moving services are the pack of well-managed tools and reliability of our workers that runs on the experiences many times before reaching the customers. Moving champs has a history of dozens of proofs that shows how this company becomes a number one choice for many people in Australia.


Do you have separate teams for each of your services?

Yes, we do have specialised separate removalists for each of our services. However each of the team member is specialised and skilled in moving all types of furnitures. You can have full information about our workers by contacting us through call or mail.

Is there any hidden cost you are not telling us at the beginning of the service and let us know as a surprise in the ending phase?

No, there is no hidden cost in our package that we have included in the ending phase of the service. As a unit of front-runners in Australia, our teamwork with honesty and reliability.

What about if something is damaged during the transit of goods?

You don’t have to worry about the safety of your belongings till the completion of the moving process. The insurance policy that we offer you will take the full impact of the inevitability that is going to hurt your goods.

What benefits do I get when I try backloading service from your side?

You will get all the benefits that you are wished for. Like discounted service price, easy accessibility, quick-moving experience, and more. You may call our team for more insights on backloading services.

How do you provide your cleaning services at the time of this pandemic?

We are very well aware of this fact that how dangerous this disease can be. We take all the corrective measures before entering your home and providing our services. Under the command of following strict rules of safety and security, we make your moving experience better.

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Moving trucks Prices
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Best Movers in Australia
Kevin Mask

Wow! I am actually amazed by the way they work. My house needed an immediate cleaning because I had to catch my flight to Singapore in a few hours, and I did'nt want to leave my house on a low note. In the state of emergency, I found this site over the internet and called them. Made them understand everything in 5-6 minutes. Under 2 and a half hours, they cleaned every inch of my house and took my headache away.

Best House Movers in Australia

Moving Champs is a brand that truly stands for quality. Recently, I had to transport my beloved piano from Brisbane to Melbourne, to my niece's house. Initially, I was apprehensive about the safety of my precious instrument during the move. However, after contacting Moving Champs, I was immediately put at ease. The team at Moving Champs was incredibly helpful and supportive throughout the entire process. They provided me with expert solutions that were perfectly suited to the situation and condition of my piano. They had a well-thought-out plan in place! They packed the piano with great care and loaded it onto their truck with ease. Their professionalism was exceptional, and their piano removals service was surprisingly affordable. I cannot thank Moving Champs enough for their outstanding service. They truly exceeded my expectations and ensured that my piano arrived at my niece's house without any damage. If you're looking for a reliable and professional removals company, I highly recommend Moving Champs.

Best Single item movers in Australia

I was in need of single item moving and packing services but was unsure whether to hire a professional moving company for such a small job. However, due to time constraints, I decided to go ahead with it. I came across several high-rated moving companies, but they seemed too expensive for the task. One of my friends had used Moving Champs' moving services in the past, and they highly recommended them to me. I'm glad I followed their advice because the moving service provided by Moving Champs was flawless. Their team was efficient, punctual, and handled my item with great care. I am extremely grateful to my friend for recommending Moving Champs to me. They are the best moving company near me and across Australia. If you need any moving or packing services, I highly recommend Moving Champs.

Best Movers in Australia

I recently had the pleasure of working with the team from Moving Champs, and I must say that the four movers who came to my house were exceptionally friendly and professional. They made it a priority to ensure that I was completely satisfied with their service, taking the time to ask for my opinions and instructions. I had a lot of delicate furniture in my home, including several pieces made of glass and white material. However, the team from Moving Champs ensured that everything was packed securely and moved with the utmost care. I was incredibly impressed with their attention to detail and their commitment to ensuring that my belongings arrived at my new home without any damage. Thanks to Moving Champs' furniture removalists services, I had the best moving experience ever. If I ever have to move again in the future, I would definitely choose them without hesitation. I highly recommend Moving Champs to anyone who needs reliable, professional, and friendly moving services.

Best Furniture Movers in Australia
Dean Michaels

Using Moving Champs' removalists service was an absolute pleasure, and although I was initially uncertain about what to expect, I must say that I was thoroughly impressed by their team. Their service was, without a doubt, the best moving service that I have ever experienced in my local area. Throughout the entire process, they provided a level of professionalism and care that exceeded my expectations. I am extremely happy and satisfied with their work. I want to express my sincere gratitude to Moving Champs for their outstanding service all around. If you are looking for a reliable and top-notch removals company, I highly recommend Moving Champs. Their team is dedicated to making your move as stress-free as possible, and they will take care of everything to ensure that your move is a success.

Reliable Removalists in Australia
Elizabeth Lords

I urgently need to move my furniture, and Moving Champs came to my rescue at the very last moment. I must say that these guys are incredibly reliable and professional, and I was thoroughly impressed with their service. From the initial consultation to the final delivery of my furniture, the entire experience was very pleasant and satisfying. I can confidently say that Moving Champs is the best furniture removalists company not only near me but across Australia. I would highly recommend Moving Champs to anyone in need of a reliable and professional removals company. Thanks to their exceptional service, my furniture arrived at its new home without any damage. Once again, thank you, Moving Champs!

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