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There is no doubt that the dining table is one of the most presentable pieces of furniture. Many things in your living room are expensive and eye-catching but, none can compete with the role of a dining table in your house. A dining table is one thing that you enlist as the most lovable object of the house. As the point of attraction in your dining room, a great table means that you have a place to enjoy meals, share laughs, listen to stories, and have memories with family and friends. But today, it’s more than that. The dining tables and its settings are also taking on the roles of homeschooling hub, home office, craft centre, and so much more. With so many usage areas in one space, one cannot manage to move a dining table from here to there alone. So, the choice for the right dining table moving service is on.

The dining table is placed in the dining room, the place where loved ones assemble on exceptional events, where visitors are engaged and, parties are hosted. Such a recognized room would, obviously, be furnished in an exquisite style with quality furnishings and a lovely stylistic layout.

It is kind of obvious that the dining room contains a portion of your generally polished and exceptionally cherished furnishings and assets – from crystal chandeliers and vintage china cabinets to elegant wall art and fine lace curtains. And in our dining table moving service, our dining table removalists understand that the the focal point of the room or a house, however, is its dining table. When it comes to moving a dining table the most important concern that remains in the heart of a holder is its safety during the tarnsit or in storage.

Not as much complicated as a wardrobe removal or a spa removal, but a dining table also needs to be relocated by hiring a professional dining table moving service, and there is a reason for that! Just by the look of it, not everyone can understand how to move a dining table properly and then how to place it in the right spot where it matched with the surroundings. After all, if your dining table does not provide a great look for your new room then it's a part of a shame.

Moving Champs offer you a service of dining table removalists that can do this job for you in no time. They are not only moving your dining table but placed in such a way that it won't lose its glory.

Why choose professional removalists for moving dining table?

We provide you with multiple services along with the dining table removalists service

We clean the furniture well and let it dry totally before packaging it for moving any excess residue, soil, or spills may harm the fragile surface of the table or result in lasting stains, while moisture caught under the packaging materials can prompt mould development or cause the wood to twist or swell, then furniture is coated with wax that provides a protective layer to its surface for avoiding any external damage.

Dining Table Moving, Disassembling and Packing

  • We remove the glass or marble top of the table first
  • Place the table on the soft blanket with the legs pointing upwards
  • Then we unscrew the legs and removes it gently
  • We pack the separated legs by bubble wrap, at that point run packaging tape down the length of the legs to make sure about wrapping security
  • If the table is enhanced with the extension leaf then we remove it and pack it in a moving blanket
  • After that, All, the chairs around the table will be packed tightly to avoid damage from the external environment

Dining Table Moving Services

We provide you with the best on and off-road van service throughout the country. Considering the value of your dining table we assure you the vibration-free moving service experience.

Not a Costly Affair

This one definitely comes under your budget. Most people are terrified with the tag of professionals as they charge more for their specialized services but not in the case when you choose to hire us.

At first, most of our customers don't understand what is the point of hiring a dining table removalists service? As moving the table is just a piece of cake. But after consulting with us they understand the very basics of moving this furniture and gives us the best compliment later for our guidance and service quality.

To experience the best, we suggest you choose our dining table moving service, for more information you can contact us and grab the most affordable package.


How do you pack dining chairs?

Being one of the best dining table removalists in Australia, we have seen many types of dining tables in that span and have experince packing them. To pack a dining table Chair we first wrap the entire chair in a moving blanket and secure the chair aside to pack the other parts. Than we start wrapping the legs and back using bubble wrap, and use stretch wrap over the blanket, so to assure the double layer of protection. We are one of the most commonly picked dining table movers and packers in Australia.

Do you charge an amount at the end of the relocation to move a few extra boxes?

Why not? If you have a few pieces of furniture with your dining table, you can definitely move them without paying extra. We would not refuse to move them if there remains some extra space in the moving truck, you won't be charged with any extra money for that.

Do you charge any extra/hidden amount at the end of relocation?

No. According to the policy of the company, we don't charge any hidden amount at the end of the relocation. The first quote would be the last and the final quote when it comes to moving even the smallest of the furniture or providing a large scale of the move. Our one rate, one quote policy has allowed us not to cheat with customers or charge any hidden amount.

How much experience do your dining table removalists have?

Moving champs is providing its professional moving services to the people of Australia for a very long time. We have a successful moving history for years, which has helped us moving many dining tables throughout this journey. We have made sure that people with us get a quality moving and packing services in Australia. Please read more about us here.

What is the time zone your company choose to offer your service?

We offer the best dining table removalists services across Australia. That is why we provide 24*7 moving services to the people to stay ready for them whenever and wherever they would need them.

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