Cleaning Services in Australia

Every job consumes time and finding the time to clean when you have a never-ending list of chores could be next to impossible, especially if you have a limited period of time. The simplest and smartest choice to make things work is not to take the job into your hands and hire professional cleaning services. Being one of the best cleaning services providers in Australia, we always try to work according to your schedule, fitting our job in to making your life easier without disrupting your daily routine.

Whether it's a house or an office, cleaning is the one thing that is common in both. Just take a case here and think about your place being so dreadful that nobody wants to live there or operate their work. Think about how it affects your overall surroundings and the people you love. Don't worry, the cleaning services from Moving Champs will assist you in making your property clean in no time. We scrubbed every mucky corner of your commercial as well as residential building to make it look like a clean bill of health.

Cleaning a property of any class needs experienced hands that can give you productivity and make your work done in an estimated time. That's a simple but effective plan that needs to be followed for the sake of an effective cleaning exercise.

We offer excellent, all-around house & office cleaning services to meet your home and corporate house's cleaning needs each week! We additionally offer every other week, month to month and one-time housekeeping and commercial cleaning services with adaptable timetables for your benefit. Thus, in case you're searching for a reliable house cleaners and office cleaners who will exceed any expectations to make your property dirtless, then Moving Champs is your folks!

A wide scope of our cleaning service

At the point when you hire a professional house cleaners like Moving Champs , you are ensured a complete service before its finish! On account of our superbly persevering staff and a wide variety of quality tools and items, we can make your property sparkle from top to bottom. We recognize that Moving Champs isn't the only cleaning service company in Australia; however, we do accept that our quality efforts, altogether quality staff and faithful client base give us an edge over the opposition in the market.

Here are the types of cleaning services that we provide

Office Cleaning Services

An office cleaning activity has shown an optimistic impact on staff. It keeps the staff motivating and boost the morality rate of the employees. A happy staff is more attentive and likewise have higher occupation fulfillment, higher productivity, take lesser sick leaves and show expanded loyalty to their managers.

With expertise in giving cleaning services to several workspaces, our office cleaners understand the changing capacities and designs of the modern days offices.

By taking our commercial cleaning service, you ensure the outcomes supporting business performance, the wellbeing of employees and workplace safety and health.

Here is a list of office space that we clean and how we clean them

  • Safely dusting the window sills, desk, picture frames and computer hardware
  • Vacuuming the carpets and mopping the entire floors
  • Disinfecting doorknobs, computer mouse and keyboards
  • Trash removals and trash disposal

House Cleaning Services

We house cleaners clean your house without disturbing your personal space. No, that's not all. We clean every inch of your house like- toilets, bathrooms, floors, etc. Taking every safety measure, we make your house dirt-free and hygienic where you can relax and handle your family responsibility without having fear. We don't just stop at cleaning the house floors and tiles, but also give a thorough carpet cleaning. We give out-and-out carpet cleaning services which includes steam cleaning and dry cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Services

A deep carpet cleaning service is the most ideal approach to kill destructive residue bugs and different allergens, eliminate difficult stains and spills, and reestablish your rugs to their unique flawless condition.

We likewise offer different types of assistance including water damage restoration, rug cleaning, upholstery and furnishing cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and others. Call us today to talk about your cleaning needs and book a carpet cleaning service customized to your needs.

Hospitality Cleaning Services

Just as being critical to maintaining your standing and drawing in new financiers and visitors, the cleanliness and safety of your place are additionally imperative for your staff. With more than five years of business cleaning experience all through Barwon, Gippsland, Malle, Western district, Central highland, Ovens-Murrays, etc. and many more cities in Victoria, Australia, Moving Champs' Removalists and Cleaning service has a framework that is well suited to the cleaning purposes of hospitality units across Australia.

Moving Champs work as a unit and aim to create a strong bond with our customers. We understand that our team will play a key role in the overall experience of your visitors and financers when they visit your place. You can believe that we take this role very seriously and with full responsibility to make your property tidy, safe and hygienic.

Factory Cleaning Services

Keeping your plant premises clean is significant for a few reasons. We get this and, with our disciplined guidelines and quality controls, you can have confidence that your firm or business protection is being taken care of.

We carry out a safe and secure plan to work within every operational unit of your factory. Our team of cleaning service ensure that your machines and equipment is kept safe all while ensuring it is all around cleaned and prepared for use.

List of Cleaning Services that Moving Champs provide

House Cleaning Services

  • Vacuum all carpets and mats
  • Mop all hard and title floors
  • Empty trash cans and replace with new liners
  • Mop, sweep and vacuum floors of all the areas with high traffic
  • Clean and sanitize the kitchen sink
  • Disinfect kitchen countertops
  • Sweep and mop bathroom and toilet floors

Office Cleaning Services

  • All-purpose stain and spot remover
  • Glass/window cleaner
  • Workstation cleaning
  • Disinfecting doorknobs, keyboards and the computer mouse
  • Wood polish
  • Toilet bowl cleaning

Factory Cleaning Services

  • Floors (mopping to sweeping)
  • Complete toilet cleaning
  • Trash bin removals and replacement
  • Parking area cleaning
  • Storage space cleaning
  • Canteen cleaning

Hotel Cleaning Services

Restaurant cleaning

  • Detail cleaning all kitchen equipment and ovens
  • Cleaning hoods and filters
  • Scrubbing walls
  • cleaning ceiling vents

Restroom Cleaning Services

  • Tile or linoleum floors cleaning
  • Restroom stalls and walls
  • Porcelain toilets cleaning
  • Various countertop materials cleaning
  • Sinks and faucets scrubbing and cleaning
  • Air hand dryers cleaning
  • Mirrors cleaning
  • Shower surrounds
  • Bathtubs

Entertainment Area Cleaning Services

  • Pool cleaning
  • Spa centre cleaning
  • Disco cleaning
  • Casino cleaning

Why choose our cleaning service in Australia?

Our Values: The work we do is supported by our values of respect, duty, uprightness, greatness in cleaning and Innovation consistently, helping us to make the long haul connection with our customers all over.

The Combination of 3: The main focus of Moving Champs is to provide you with a clean environment for your property. We have experience of many years of involvement with the business and our professional talented group of cleaners give the best cleaning services all through Australia.

  • Our professional & qualify cleaning agents are here for you seven days a week whenever required.
  • We can tailor our cleaning services to suit your prerequisites.
  • If you required a cleaning service on an emergency basis then, we can arrange help within 2-24 hours.

Trained and experienced Cleaning staff: If you are investing time and energy in cleaning your own office or appointing cleaning obligations to your staff then you are losing time, cash, and efficiency. It can likewise bring down the morale of the staff in the workplace. Your staff would not like to clean the toilet, they need to do what they were employed to do. Let your staff do what they are best at, and leave the cleaning to the experts.

Usage of Environmental-friendly materials: Moving Champs have become environmentally conscious and, it has become a pattern to help eco-accommodating activities. Our professional office cleaners use earth safe green synthetic compounds rather than regular synthetics. Green synthetic substances kill germ and microscopic organisms and won't make any harm to humans while conventional chemicals have side-effects and are very dangerous to people.

We help you to keep your Standards high: At whatever point somebody visits your office, the primary thing they notice is the maintenance of your office. If your office shows up perfect and clean, it will be exceptionally valued by the guests and, it will make a decent impression of your organization.

No adverse effect over your business flow: Our experienced and qualified house and office cleaners rapidly evaluate your requirements. We work during evenings with the goal that your everyday business exercises are not influenced because of cleaning work. It is simpler to complete the cleaning by an expert cleaner. We are adept at delivering the task under the given time frame and on a reasonable rate.

Create an impression: Employing our expert cleaning service to plan for extraordinary events can assist you with turning on the style and dazzle visitors. Additionally, having a customary cleaning program with our expert cleaning service empowers you to dodge any shame when you have shock visits from family or companions.

Cost control: By hiring our office cleaners, you will get ensure about many things but more profoundly the cost. We understand that every customer demands better quality service at an acceptable price. Fortunately, we offer you both at the same time. Moving Champs provide you with regular cleaning service packages, weekly cleaning service packages, one-day cleaning service packages to more in a price you love to pay.

Moving Champs always perform to make our clients happy and satisfied with our work. Australia is really big and, it is hard to find a good cleaning service company that makes your worries go away. Don't worry just pick up your phone and dial our number to make you stress-free.


Do you provide your cleaning services for special occasions too?

Thank you for asking this question. Yes, we provide our cleaning services for any kind of special occasion that needs to be clean before or after the event. You can generate your service quotation by simply fill up our form available on our website.

You sure you don’t charge any hidden cost for special events and occasions?

No, there is no hidden cost lingering for any of our services. You need to generate a quotation from our website to access full knowledge about our service cost or you can simply call us on our toll-free number available on our website.

When will my cleaning team arrive?

When your booking will be confirmed and whichyou have to before or withing the time span of 1-2 weeks prior to the day you need clenang service, you will receive a confirmation call or email. This confirmation will repeat the summary of your booking service details, including the time and date of arrival selected by you yourself.

How to claim for the damaged property, if something gets damaged by the member of your cleaning team while in the process?

Most of the cleaning contractors provide insurance to their customers and the most popular being a public liabily cover. We provide a thorough insurance policy for the people who are avialing our cleaning services. To know please call on our help desk number.

How much time do you take for complete cleaning of the house?

For a domestic cleaning service it usually take around 2 hours to clean 2 bedrooms and 3 hours to clean 3 bedrooms. This generally involve wiping, dusting, and mopping of the floors and for detailed cleaning services it usually consumes 50% to 70% more time which means if we talk about a detailed cleaning session of 2 bedrooms, it will take around 3 to 4 hours. And as always if you want to know more about our detailed cleaning service you can call our customer care number for that.

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