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When you are about to move, there’s always one item which is difficult to deal with, for many, this household item is a wardrobe. Oversized, heavy, and with a complicated interior. Wardrobes are inconvenient to move anywhere, let alone into a removal van! So, if this sounds more like you, then you’re probably looking for some tips on how to make the process easier. Luckily for you, our team of Wardrobe Removalists Australia, Victoria from the Moving Champs is on hand to help.

The Wardrobe removals requires step by step planning. From cleaning and reassembling or placing it the new location of yours to taking care of everything inside of it like Clothes, cloth hanger, drawers, shelves, etc.

Wardrobe Removals- needs an appropriate plan and experience

Wardrobes are frequently hefty, huge, unwieldy, and hard to move. Thus, when moving house, you might be considering how to move a wardrobe in a fast phase, effectively and proficiently. Our wardrobe removalists in Australia will simplify this work for you. With the help of their experience and required muscles, we create a plan that removes any restrain in our process and makes your wardrobe move better.

Process (Wardrobe Removalists)- If you can't fit it, then sell it -

One of the biggest mistakes one can make when moving their wardrobe is doing it successfully, and later realizing that it won’t fit in the intended space at your new home. Not inviting this situation, our team will take measurement of both the areas (The current one & the new one) just, to ensure that you have enough space to move and place your wardrobe safely and securely.

Measurement & Gathering of Necessary Supplies -

Before packing it we measure the size of your wardrobe in all three major dimensions. The move is necessary to gather all the required materials like (Moving blankets, specialized wardrobe boxes for the clothes, regular cardboard boxes or bags, bubble wrap and cardboard for packing glass and mirrors, tools for disassembling and assembling (if necessary), a marker for labeling the boxes and tape for securing the boxes.

When weight is heavy dismantle it -

After removing all the belongings and dusting the wardrobe thoroughly, dismantle the furniture. When moving a weighty wardrobe, that is large and inconvenient to carry, it is a wise idea to put it apart. We pack the individual parts with moving blankets and secure them well with straps. Any fragile items like mirrors or glass will be packed in bubble wrap and then in cardboard for extra protection. Again, expert wardrobe removalists will safeguard it with the packing with straps.

The work of moving -

With the help of a dolly with suitable wheels, we move your wardrobe by putting it on the dolly, in a stable position and fasten it using the moving straps. After carefully loading it on the van or truck, (depending upon the hiring) your wardrobe is all set to relocate.

Why Choose our Wardrobe Removalists?

We are the cost-saving Wardrobe moving company near you: You wouldn't accept the number of customers call for our wardrobe removalists service in Australia after they have begun attempting to pack and move their things all alone, just to acknowledge exactly how much work was available for them.

Rather than attempting to set aside cash by staying away from the call to your picked removalists, you can rather set aside cash by sparing yourself the hours or long stretches of backbreaking time and exertion it takes to manage this work right.

We are the expert Wardrobe removalists: How about we start with the easiest truth: an expert Wardrobe removalist will know how to do everything engaged with securely packaging, moving, shipping, and unloading your whole home substantially more than you do. Why? Since it's our regular profession – it's our main job all week long.

Your things are in no more secure hands than in the hands of an expert removalist. We know for what we are standing and we will they will deal with your things as much as you would.

Insurance that saves your wardrobe from any type of the damage: The great thing about calling the professionals is that they have a solution for every problem related to your moving concerns. Moving Champs provides insurance for your wardrobe during the full relocating service exercise. This policy coverage safeguards your wardrobe from all the future based damages, that might happen at the time of our service.

It may look like a juggling act but, with using proper skills and techniques, you can get along with it without having any problem with the help of our removalist company Moving Champs .


Can you move my other furniture items with a wardrobe under the same service package?

Thank you for asking this question. Yes, you can easily customize your package by filling out the quotation form available on our website. You can customise the package by filling up the form. Our customer care staff will respond to your querry within the 5 min to 48 hours.

How much time does it take to move a wardrobe?

It depends on what kind of wardrobe you have. If you have a big size wardrobe the work will be done in under 5-6 hours. If it is a small-sized wardrobe then it can easily be relocated under 2-3 hours, depends on the distance to be covered. If you still have doubts then you can call us or send us a mail at info@movingchamps.com.au

Is there any special type of van service that is available for the movement of the wardrobe?

Yes, we use the city van (or any van of your choice) for the purpose of removing your wardrobe. Because it is small easy and easy to drive through traffic. Such vans provide extreme level of stability and safety while moving form to longer distances.

Is there any need for a pre-move survey for wardrobe removal?

No, the pre-move survey is not mandatory but, we suggest you have it because it will clear all your doubts regarding our moving service and will help you and us understand the complications in the move better.

Packaging service is also included in the process, right?

Yes, from packing to loading and unloading, all these parts are included in our wardrobe removalists service package. But the main part is that you can alter the package to suit your requirements of any type and size of relocation. You will get all the information by generating the quotation for our service through the filling of our quotation form or by mailing us at info@movingchamps.com.au

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