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Maneuvering a bed out of your house is not an easy job and hiring professional bed movers for that is always a smart choice. When moving your house, it's not always necessary that you could be able to move anything on your own safely. When it comes to moving a bed there isn't just a single thing that is at risk of getting damaged, but other things that are surrounding it are as well. And when you arent that experienced or haven't done it before you can definitely get injured during the process. You can get a backache, muscle cramps, arm-twist, etc. So whenever you are looking to move your bed from one place to another, we would suggest you to hire a professional bed movers in Australia for that purpose.

Before moving to another house there are a lot of things to consider. And with the moving day come closer, you'll need to begin arranging and planning everything ahead of time for your house removals. You make sure that you aren't moving anything that could create trouble for you. Especially not the items that are hard to move. It is always a better choice that you hire professional bed movers for moving cumbersome belongings which could be a challenge for you to move. To save some money you can opt for packing and moving certain small belongings that are easy for you to move and not hire professional furniture removalists for that.

Moving a bed can be back-breaking and unsafe without help of an experienced team. Moving and packing your bed is a troublesome job and many people are engaged in the exercise of moving their bed until the very last minute, however, with organised mapping and arrangement, it doesn't need to be hard. There are choices accessible to you that can spare you from breaking a sweat and give you a feeling of relaxation.

One of these choices is to look for the services of a reliable Removalists company (your bed removalists), as they will have prepared experts who are exceptionally knowledgeable about moving huge furniture things for you. They have organised mapping and arrangement to move your bed without damaging it. And that scheme will put down on the table for you by Moving champs.

What are the steps we generally follow to remove the Mattress and Bed?

There are certain steps that professional bed movers follow while moving a bed in general. But these vary according to the types and size of the bed(King size bed, Queen size bed, twin bed, full bed, etc). But whenever it comes to defining or following a procedure these steps are used as a standard.

Removing the mattress:

The first thing that needs attention is the bedding of your bed. Our team of bed movers carefully handle your mattress as it could without much of a stretch get harmed during the process. We utilize a defensive cover to pack your sleeping mattress to evade any harm from different things.

Frame cleaning:

Before dismantling the bed, it is very important to clean its frame. Our professional cleaners will take this task and clean every part of the bed's frame and make sure that there is no dust left anywhere near the frame.

Dismantling the bed:

In the process of disassembling your bed, first, our team will unscrew the legs, footboard and headboard and place all the screws, nuts and bolts into a plastic bag which should be attached to the bed so the fear of misplacing it will go away.

After that with the help of the tape, we attach the screws in their bag on to the leg or to the part they belong to. By taking our time to make this done, it will relax any moving house tension by making the reassembling process of the bed easier and quicker.

Packing of the bed:

When our bed movers disassembled your bed, we made a note on where all the parts and screws go to keep them connected to the bed in the removal van, this will make the job of assembling your bed more simple and straightforward.

Next, our team proceeds with all caution and packs each part of the disassembled bed. Start by wrapping each part in protective sheets or safety covers. To protect the bed parts fully, we pack each item in bubble wrap and extra protective covers after we have wrapped them in sheets.

Move the bed:

Finally, our removalists team will load all the parts of your bed on the back of the van. By using the entire space, they adjust it in such a way that it will endure all the vibration on the road. Before the arrival in the new place, our team will make sure that where to put this bed and reassemble it so that everything goes in a planned manner and time will not be wasted.

Why should you choose our Bed Movers?

We provide you with better packaging material: The right packaging is the soul of any moving process. We use the best packaging material out in the market. With mattress bags to wrap tape and furniture blankets, our bed movers make sure they have all the right material before initiating the task.

Cost of the bed mover: There is no better way to discuss the prize by discussing the customized packages first. You are your price decider with the help of our packages schemes. By considering all the parts of the service, we charge you rationally.

Capable of handling any type of bed: From platform bed to folding bed, panel bed to sleigh bed, poster bed to canopy bed, Olympic queen to the eastern king, our team of Moving champs is qualified and experienced enough to move any type and size of the bed our customers desire.

Punctuality: The great deal with time is that you need to be with it. Each of our service delivery is on time no matter what the situation is. So relax and give us the exact time frame under which we will perform the process of bed removal.

Insurance: What the future holds, nobody knows. If you take our service then we offer you an insurance policy that will cover all the loss that you bear because of our carelessness or ignorance.

Most of the time people lose their precious time and power in the process of removing a bed. They tried their best to handle the situation but ended up injuring themselves or damaging the bed.

Don't make this situation harsh for you and call us or fill our form to get the quotation for our bed moving services.


What are bed disassembling tools and equipment that you use?

Thank you for putting up this question. Yes, we use our own tools and equipment for this purpose. When it comes to moving heavy furniture we always try to find an efficient moving solution that consumes the lesser time for the customer. And so when it comes to moving heavy and large items that could be disassembled, our highly-trained staff assures that it is disassembled properly and packed.

Is my presence necessary for the process?

Not necessarily you but definitely there has to be someone present at the time of the pickup. If the case is as such, you need to inform your move manager prior to the delivery. We take no responsibility for the item if such a situation happens. Talk to customer care for such a query or you can also read our terms and conditions.

How many workers from your side are assigned on the job?

It depends on what kind of bed you have. Like if you have a king-size bed then it will need four to six workers or if you have a small bed then it takes only two men for the job. When booking your request make sure to fill the proper information about your bed so that we send the right amount of men for the job.

How much time does it take to move a bed?

It depends on what type of bed you have and the distance it will be travelling. If you have a large size bed then the task will be done within a day or if the size of the bed is small to moderate then it could be completed in 3 hours. Check the accurate time estimation by filling up our bed movers form properly.

Other than bed what other types of furniture do your company expert in moving?

Our firm Moving champs move everything from sofas to Stands, Tables to chairs, Paintings to artifacts. We are expert in moving every household and office item on the demand of our customers. Check our website to know more.

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