Are you also a book lover? 

For a book reader or one with a vast collection of books, packing all of it for moving to a new home can be extra challenging. However, books are among the heaviest household items for their size and weight, but if packed properly, your move will be less challenging and more memorable. 

During the move, uneven routes cannot be avoided, but you can prepare your belongings to endure with it by working on its packaging. Therefore, it’s essential to pack your belongings and books properly. 

Using the perfect material and taking advice from people in this field, like librarians, best packing companies, etc., will help you, and you will have the idea of correctly executing it. However, there are various little yet basic things to stay careful about.

So, consider Moving Champs Australia, one of the best moving companies offering a wide range of services. In addition, hiring a removalist will make your move stress-free. 

How to pack books for a move? 

Here are the best tips to pack your books during relocation.

Start packing early 

The earlier you start, the earlier it will end! 

With a fresh and clear vision, you will be able to execute and justify the process. But once you leave it to the last moment, you might commit major mistakes due to lack of time. Therefore, it’s always advised to start packing books and other belongings early and safely. 

When coming up with your packing plan, it’s recommended to make packing books a top priority. You may have to deal with a small pile of boxes, but overall, things will be sorted. So never leave the packing of books on the last day. 

Sort the books 

Sort the books according to your desire. Get rid of those books you might not re-read in the future, and only pack the necessary books according to your need. Removal companies charge according to the weight and size of the books. Hardcovers are heavy, and even paperbacks can add much to the expenses.

So, it is a great time to separate the books before packing. Identify those books that are improbable to be re-read, then find a good home for them. It will be challenging for the reader, but you must take practical action. 

Second-hand stores, church and school libraries, local lending libraries, and used-book retailers are where your old books will reside safely. Book collection must be thinned out before packing to make the process less messy.

Choose the proper boxes

Choosing the right boxes is one of the many essential things. Once you’ve carefully selected the correct box, check to ensure they can hold the weight. New boxes must be rated for weight and ensure that they are not defective, which means they are not damped. 

Also, buy some premium quality packing tape to seal the bottom and top of the box and a permanent marker to label the box’s contents. It would help if you were picky when choosing the packages. A wrong box can make your process very tough, especially when you have many books, then stay a little more careful. If the boxes are incorrect and cannot handle the weight, your books can also get damaged. 

Seal the boxes properly

Ensure to seal the bottom well with a double layer of tape over all the spaces. When you are packing, seal it with utmost safety and care. If you’re using a recycled box, always tape the bottom more than twice to ensure it can hold the weight perfectly.

Focusing on little things will add up and make your overall packing proper. Preparing a box involves using good quality double-layer tape. When packing, protect old books of great value, such as old photo albums or first editions, with stiff cardboard between each volume to keep the spines straight and prevent movement.

Also, wrap each book in paper and line the box inside with bubble wrap or packing paper. Bubble wrap is specifically suitable for protecting edges and corners and preventing damage to a book. 

Group the books by size and weight

There are different kinds of books, not just based on content and covers but also other criteria. Some books have hardcovers, and some have paperbacks. Based on sizes and weights, books differ, and that’s why books should be packed differently based on their kind dissimilarity.

When books have hardcovers, they should be kept in an upright standing position. Such kinds of books will need extra space. Similarly, those big and heavy books will need more space, so give them the packing they demand and deserve. 

Books that have paperbacks are comparatively delicate and soft. Therefore they need to get that extra care. On the other hand, short books with lighter weight will consume less space than other books. So ensure that you do the kind of packing which will justify each type of book.

Then, when books are arranged according to their different category, your packing will be more organized, and the durability of the books will be extended. 

Secure the boxes 

Before winding up, the process checks the boxes and uses wadded-up paper to fill the left spaces. Books can easily get dislocated from their original place; therefore, check if boxes are taped and appropriately secured. Otherwise, the books kept inside might get damaged, so ensure to secure the boxes properly. 

Label the boxes properly so that everything will be clear in finding books in the future. After securing them with the tape, you can begin labeling parts, using a permanent marker, and writing clearly. 

Arrange the items on the moving truck 

Arrange the items correctly on the vehicle. Pack boxes of books and other heavy items on the floor of the moving vehicle. Only stack the boxes by securing them properly; else, they will shift or tip over. Books are heavy, and if they keep above comparatively less heavy objects, they can cause much damage to the items and other breakable belongings. 

So, have the best plan as when executed, it should be able to arrange the boxes properly on the moving van or truck so that all packages are safe due to the not-so-even routes. Also, do make it clear to your vehicle driver about rash driving and must use the comparatively less jerky way.


Packing is when you have to decide which books will be carried together to your new home; another step is placing the books safely.

The more books you own, the more you’ll notice how many different sizes they come in. It adds some excellent visual interest to your shelf. Also, you’ll have a better idea of adjusting everything by bunching them all together before you start packing. Some books are heavier than others, and some are very light. So when arranging, take care of these aspects properly.

Arrange the books according to their weight. One with heavy weight and size keeps them at the bottom and similarly keeps the books in such a way that heavy and oversized size books remain at the bottom and the lighter and smaller books on top.

When books are arranged properly before moving, then the chances of books being damaged decrease entirely, and you will be able to ensure that your books are in good condition during the move. 

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