Relocation comes with tons of stress, anxiety and excitement too and the painful thing is the moving expenses and cost. As moving expenses increases the stress and hassle that leads to unsatisfactory removal.

This is something that no one can escape while moving their house or business or a few things from one place to another place.

Well! Moving for free is not possible but proper management of each step involved in the relocation process may help you to save money on moving.

Moving Champs removalists team has great experience in relocating houses and offices into a manageable or low budget without compromising the quality of work or safety of the client’s belongings.

Just remember while cutting down the cost of your move, don’t forget about the quality and safety. Because the safety of your expensive goods and furniture is the most important.

If it reaches the new place safely, then you have automatically saved some money. Here, we have mentioned all the important cost-saving factors that will help you to save money and relocate your things safely to your destination place. So let’s get started!

Try To Move During Off-Season

Before sorting and packing your goods, it is essential to decide the right moving date and time which will help you to save some money and make your relocation cheaper.

Everyone knows moving during the peak days or seasons like in summer and spring can increase the moving budget and it is difficult to manage also.

The unavailability of moving trucks, packing supplies, and even cheap efficient house movers in Australia during the peak days increases the demand and cost of moving.

Therefore, try to choose a moving date that falls into the seasons. If you are moving suddenly due to any reason and can manage to move in off days then try to book all the required moving services as soon as possible.

Plan Your Move And Declutter Your Belongings

As everyone knows, planning is the first and most important step while doing anything you want. Because a plan of action for relocation defines the job and its necessities and helps you to analyze the overall cost of your moving. Sort everything and create a checklist or to-do list of the relocation.

This checklist should have the following things given below:

  • Sorting of the things into usable and unusable
  • Informing the landlord about your move at least before one month (if you are in a rented house or office)
  • Change of the address in the legal documents and other important places like post office, hospital, etc
  • Informing the internet and landline service provider
  • Transfer of utilities like electricity, water, gasoline, etc
  • Use up food stored in the refrigerator and defrost the fridge before moving
  • Cancellation of any bulk delivery and setting the new date and place for delivery
  • Analysing the new area like nearby shops, supermarkets, hospitals, schools, restaurants, etc
  • Type of packing supplies needed and their collection
  • Filtering the cheap and best removal companies (if you are going to move with professionals)
  • Get quotes and a pre-move survey
  • Allotment of parking space for the moving van or truck
  • Purchase of the moving insurance for valuable things like a piano, pool table, antiques, etc
  • Take pictures of important documents and things like jewelry, house or office papers, licenses, etc
  • Confirm the moving date and time with the removalists company
  • Prepare and pack a bag of the essential thing like food, napkins, first aid, etc for the moving day
  • Booking of the storage unit (if required)

These are the most common but important things that you must consider in your checklist for safe and budgeted planning and execution of your removal.

If you feel any confusion, then you can take help from the removalists of Moving Champs in Australia for moving cheaply and safely.

Sort Your Thing Into Donate, Decompose And Sell

Sorting is also one of the intermediate steps of planning for the removal of furniture and other goods. A few people know that they can make money during their removal process by selling unwanted but valuable things and by cutting down the number of goods you don’t want at your new location.

We know selling or decomposing your goods is difficult but by doing this you can make some more money for your moving expenses.

Make a list of all the items in your current place and categorize them into sell, donate, and decompose accordingly.

Here are a few tips to downsize the number of belongings and save some money on move:

  • Sell all those things which you don’t use frequently
  • If you are planning to purchase new things then sell the old ones first
  • Try to eliminate or sell heavier goods like old furniture or piano to save more money
  • Arrange an open sell or garage sale as soon as possible for the buyers
  • Measure the doors and hallways of your new space, if your furniture doesn’t fit there, sell them
  • Decompose the broken unwanted things
  • Donate your old clothes, toys or bulky things
  • Take the receipt of your donation, so that you can mention it in your income tax

In this way, you can make or save money on the very early step of moving with proper planning and sorting of the things you want to take with you.

Gather Free Packing Supplies And Everything By Yourself

Packing before moving is important and you can’t do a lot of compromises with this step. Good packing always leads to the safe and reliable removal of your belongings.

But instead of purchasing new packing material, you can ask your friends or neighbors for recycled and free packing supplies like moving boxes, old blankets, packing paper, tape, stretch wraps, and a lot more if possible.

If you want to save money on packing, then try to pack everything by yourself or take some help from your friends instead of hiring professional packers.

By using old household things like newspapers, towels, and other things you can carry out your DIY packing and will save a good amount of money on packing supplies without compromising the safety of your goods.

Here are the following tips to pack your belongings for moving with household things efficiently without wasting any extra money:

  • Use old blankets to wrap and pack the heavy thing like furniture and electronics
  • Wrap the small glassware and fragile goods by using old socks, this will give good cushioning
  • Use old newspaper instead of crumpled paper or packing peanuts to fill the gaps between in the moving box
  • Buy only needy things for packing if required and ensures safety
  • Pack the electronic into their original box, otherwise, find an old box of the same size
  • Pack the plates into a newspaper or kitchen towel to avoid breakage
  • Nest the smaller items into the big ones to lessen the number of moving boxes
  • Sell lightly used moving boxes after a full relocation
  • Label the boxes by making handmade chits and secure them with transparent tape

These were the essential tips to pack your belongings safely but with very investment in packing material. Pack your belongings properly because it is a matter of the safety of your valuable things.

If you don’t want to take any kind of risk with your things, then you can ask for cheap packing services from your nearby removalists in your locality.

Rent The Moving Equipment And Truck By Yourself

Moving tools and equipment are costlier than packing supplies, therefore, you should be aware of the moving tools and equipment you require for the secure loading and moving of your heavy and delicate items.

Don’t buy this equipment because you are not going to move your things often and it will be expensive too.

Hire these tools and equipment on rent from your nearby house improvement shop or removal and storage company. In this, choose only the most required equipment for your move and the right size truck according to the number of goods you are going to move to save some relocation costs.

Here are some cheap and commonly used tools and equipment:

Toolkit – You will find a commercial toolkit in every house. It is very common but very useful when disassembling heavy furniture and antiques like beds, drawers, pianos, bathtub, etc. If you can’t find a toolkit at your home, borrow it from your friends or neighbors, it will save a little bit when renting tools and equipment.

Furniture Dollies And Trolleys – Rent the required number of furniture dollies and trolleys to load your furniture easily into the truck. This is helpful when you have lots of heavy items to move and also help you to avoid injuries and tons of effort.

Moving Straps – You can rent a few moving straps for securing the goods into the trolleys and the moving truck. As a substitute, you can also use stretch ropes or normal ropes to tie your belongings strongly into the truck and this will also save you some money. This protects your belongings from falling out of the truck and other damages during transit.

Moving Truck Or A Van –  It is very obvious that you have to rent or borrow a well-maintained moving truck or a van for the safe relocation of your goods. Arrange a vehicle from your nearest transportation service provider or you can hire Man With A Van Removal Service from the removal companies like Moving Champs in Australia for a stress-free, fast and cheapest way of transporting things from one place to another.

Note – If you have to move a few things or furniture then the best and cheapest option is to hire a professional backloading service from the best removal and storage company. In this, you just have to pay only for the space that your belongings have occupied in the truck.

These are the necessary tools and equipment you need while moving, don’t take unnecessary equipment on rent, as it will only increase your moving cost and nothing else.

Don’t Purchase New Things Before Relocation

We all know moving to a new place is filled with excitement and everyone wants to make the presence of their new home or office more attractive than before. For this, several people start purchasing new furniture, antiques, electronics and items months before their relocation.

It results, lots of goods to relocate and damage to new goods during relocation and no doubt increase in the moving cost. We understand spending money on your new home or business place is tempting but take care of the moving expenses and budget before purchasing anything.

Just keep the following things in mind when spending even a single penny on anything:

  • Don’t buy new things before you reach and organize your new place
  • First, buy only needy and necessary things
  • Avoid purchasing antiques and decoration items for some weeks before and after the relocation
  • Don’t spend on short-term things which you might not use after sometime

So, if you want to save money on a move, then control your mind and freeze your spending habit on unnecessary things at least before you reach your new house or office. The less you have to move, the more pleasure you feel and the more money you save.

Decide Whether You Want Help From Movers Or Friends

Moving with friends or professionals both have their pros and cons. When you recruit your friends you just have to bribe them with good food and drinks which is less costly than hiring professional furniture removalists in Australia. But professional movers can easily move your thing without any damage or hassle.

And in both ways, you can save a little money and move within your limited moving budget. But before moving with professional removalists ask the following important question to yourself:

  • Are my friends strong enough to move my stuff?
  • How much money do I have for moving?
  • Am I relocating local or interstate?
  • Do I have lots of valuable furniture and antiques?
  • Do I have a bathtub, pool table or piano?
  • How much money can I save by recruiting my friends?

These all questions will help you to decide whether you need to ask your friends or professional removalists for help during the removal process.

Top removalists in Australia such as Moving Champs offer quick and reliable moving services at very low rates with no hidden cost. Consider these points when you decide to move with professional movers:

  • Check the customer’s reviews and companies credentials
  • Get free quotes from at least 7-8 removal service providers
  • Choose the best and cheapest one who meets your requirements
  • Hire them only for necessary services like loading and moving
  • Ask for a fixed price if your moving interstate and hourly rates if relocating in your local area
  • Try to negotiate some cost or ask for a discount to save money on your move
  • Note that the company doesn’t have any kind of tips and hidden charges
  • Ask for the moving insurance on your belongings

Clean Your Mess By Yourself

If you are living in a rented house or apartment, cleaning that place after the complete removal of goods is important to gain your deposit amount again from your landlord.

Cleaning the whole place after the removal of goods is very tiring but you have to do it to save a good amount of money and your security deposit too.

You can go for professional end-of-lease cleaning services only if you want to and have a good budget to spend on it. Professional cleaning services are also cheap and reliable but when you can do your cleaning easily by yourself or by taking the help of your friends or family members then you don’t need to spend any amount on professionals. Follow these steps to clean your place easily:

  • Dispose of all the packing waste like paper, plastic, moving boxes, etc
  • Properly wipe and mop the whole place
  • Deep clean the kitchen platform, sink, bathroom, and toilet
  • Spray sanitizer or air freshener
  • Click photos after completing cleaning for security

You can do it all with the help of your 2-3 friends and get your security deposit easily. Follow these steps even after reaching your new place too.

Look For The Self Storage Units

If there is any gap in your moving or if you are moving to the interstate of Australia, then you may require temporary storage space for keeping your packed goods and valuables safe from being stolen and natural problems.

You can rent the storage space from removal companies or you ask your friends for storage in their garage or storeroom.

A self-storage unit or space which you get from your friends or family members is free of cost but less safe. And if you rent storage space from the movers, then it will cost you according to the number of days you store your goods and they will protect your valuable things properly under CCTV surveillance. Whatever you choose, but safety should come first.

The End Of Line

All of the above are the most important cost-saving factors during relocation. We hope you enjoyed and understood all the necessary steps that you should take to save money on moving.

Moving comes with many other unplanned and unexpected problems like rain or bad weather, sickness, injuries, etc.

So, I must be aware of everything. No doubt the money factor is important but safety comes first. If you think that you need a professional but cheap removalists company, then give a chance to Moving Champs – The Top-Rated Removal and Storage Company of Australia.

For more details and quick free quotes, contact us today.

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