Are you also done with those heavy bills and finding intelligent ways to lower utility bills? If yes, don’t worry now because Moving Champs Australia has compiled all the tips and tricks in this post to help you or bail you out from pocket cutting.

There are plenty of short and valuable things that you can do right now to put a dent in your monthly utility spending. Read the complete article to know this topic more closely.

9 Best Smart Ways To Lower Utility Bills

To bring a smile back to your face, you must follow the below-mentioned ways to lower utility bills. So without any further ado, let’s start:

1. Keep Your Plugs Covered

So, one of the shady areas from where air may find its way into your house is via your home outlets. A rise in your utility bills is the consequence of any tiny amount of outside air entering your home, leading to acquiring or losing heat unnecessarily.

If you can feel air flowing through it, then this indicates that the connection you are using is not doing an excellent job of filtering out the temperatures found outdoors. You will be relieved to know that this issue can be resolved in a concise amount of time. You can fix this quickly with plastic or rubber outlet covers, available at any home renovation retailer.

2. Clothes Should Be Washed In Cold Water

Many clothing brands suggest washing the clothes in warm or hot water, but if you are doing the same, you should stop as it depends on the kind of fabric. To save a bit of money on heating water, wash all your clothing and blankets in cold water unless the care instructions for a particular fabric specify that it should be washed in warm or hot water.  

It might sound idiotic. But the movers in Australia say that 75% to 90% of your machine’s power is used to heat the water. So, switching to cold water when you are washing dishes or clothes is a simple adjustment or can be said as a trick that may significantly affect lowering your high bills.

3. Upgrade To Smarter Power Strips

The term “phantom power” describes the percentage of energy that your electronic gadgets use while they are plugged in but are not being utilized. You will be shocked to know that these seemingly innocuous energy hogs may add an alarming 5–10% to your monthly electricity costs, which means that you are paying for nothing. 

One of the best options to reduce energy waste and costs is to turn off or unplug the electronics when they are not in use. So all you need to do is replace your old, inefficient power strips with modern, “smart” ones that turn off electricity to plugged-in gadgets when they aren’t in use. 

4. Turn Off The Thermostats Before Going To Bed

Maintaining the thermostat at a high setting is so wasteful if you have already planned to spend the whole night huddled beneath a quilt. All you need to do in this tip is to drop the temperature by between five and ten degrees before you comfort yourself and jump into your bed to have a perfect nap. 

How will this impact you? So, while you snooze, you will not feel anything or not even a bit, but yes, your next energy bill will feel a drastic change for sure. Also, ensure your thermostats are off when there is no one at home. This modification makes significant savings possible, and you will have to do every little to get them. 

5. Use Of The Dishwasher At Night

When everybody is up and utilizing their electronics and gadgets, utility companies often charge more. Examine the itemization of your bill or give them a ring to find out whether your service carrier offers this. Moreover, prices are heavier around peak times, so using ample electricity and water consumption like a washer during off-peak hours may result in significant cost savings.

6. Shut Down Your Computer

Many people are unaware that a laptop’s or computer’s power consumption is much higher if left on for prolonged durations. 

You must turn your screen to sleep if you need to leave it unattended for more than twenty or thirty minutes. Further, if you will not be using the system for at least one hour, it is best to shut down your computer. By turning down these services when they are not in use, you may save money on your bill and extend the lifespan of your system quickly.  

7. Ensure Appropriate Refrigerator Temperatures

Maintaining the thermostat in your fridge at a superficial level is bad for the foodstuff you store inside and your bank account. So, instead of attempting to estimate where the ideal temperature lies, you should listen to what Movers in Australia says. Keep the temperature of your freezer to 5 degrees. This tip will maintain the quality of your food as well as save your pocket from getting fire. 

8. Seal The Windows And Doors

Weatherstripping your home’s windows and door frames is a good idea year-round. However, if you have any draughts flowing through any hole, your cooling, and heating equipment will have to run harder than it usually has to. 

Plugging or covering these cracks may reduce energy use and costs by up to 30 percent annually. You may purchase some door and window weatherstripping from any retailer, including your locality’s home renovation center. Rubber, polyurethane, leather, and polyvinyl are just some of the many materials that may be used to create a multilayered seal and lower utility bills.

9. Cut Your Shower Times In Half

Yes, everybody enjoys a relaxing bath, but if you desire to reduce your monthly electricity costs, one of the easiest things you can do is shorten the length of minutes you invest in soaping, washing, and repeating. 

The standard showering time for ordinary people is 8.2 minutes, and they typically utilize 17.2 gallons of water. So if you take a bath for just five minutes instead of ten, you may significantly reduce water consumption while still having more than enough time to enjoy the steaming. This tip basically saves three things that are your time, water, and money for sure.


There should be zero tolerance for wasting any resource, whether it is time, money, or energy, but everything can be saved because modern problems have modern solutions. 

By adhering to the advice mentioned above and recommendations provided by removalists in Australia, you will be able to reduce the cost of your utility bills significantly.

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