Relocation isn’t exactly known to eco-friendly. You may have used recycled packing boxes, but it is nothing compared to the amount of waste and other garbage materials produced during the move. Bubble wraps, plastic wraps, cardboard & plastic boxes, and other polluting items significantly impact the environment.

Many people are becoming aware of sustainable living and making an eco-friendly lifestyle a choice that should be adopted by every individual. Average Australian moves 1-3 times in their life, and we know what amount of waste is generated while house removals when we are not conscious with our decisions.

Now, you can think of the unimaginable amount of waste that we produce as a whole. It is high time to take the increasing level of pollution and climate change seriously and leave our future generation a better place. We can’t deny that our move has an enormous impact on the environment.

Considering you care about the environment, here are some relatively simple and highly effective eco-friendly moving tips. You need to be aware of the things used and ways to get the move done; the rest is common sense.

Plan Your Move Beforehand

Planning ahead of a move, that too an eco-friendly one, is a smart move. Planning things will help you visualize the whole move at a glance. It will decrease your stress a lot and will help you prepare for the challenges beforehand.

Planning ahead of time will not only save you a lot of headaches but time and money. By strategically planning your move, you will be cutting off almost all of the last-minute problems and supplies. For example, if you have stored the old boxes of electrical appliances, then you can use them while packing.

Decluttering Is The Key

With the incoming of minimalism, many people have embraced the concept of it and try to live a life with less or absolute necessary possessions.

There is no mindless buying involved in the process. The whole concept of minimalism is based on being conscious about your choices and owning only the essential things in your life, and anything else is discarded, sold, or donated.

Hence, when you are about to move, Decluttering is the best way to lower your burdens and get rid of things you don’t really want.

All of it can be then donated or sold, and it will lower some cost of your relocation. Try not to dump or throw away unnecessary things, as it will make things worse.

See if they can be recycled or reused in some manner. This way, you will be helping Mother Nature and yourself too.

Donate The Things Or Reuse Them

After Decluttering, try not to throw away the stuff that is no more needed, as it will end up in the landfill and not the purpose of this very move.

If it is possible to donate or gift those items to someone, that would be a great idea. Throwing away stuff should always be the last option, especially when planning for an eco-friendly move.

Check Out For Local Recycling Services

Look out for the recycling service provider near you because it can be a huge help to you as they generally provide other eco-friendly options.

You can get rid of all the unnecessary electronic items recycled at e-waste programs and places that offer electronic recycling. Other than e-waste, you can also get paper and plastic goods recycled at these places.

Usage Of Eco-Friendly Packing Material

Using eco-friendly packing material during the move is a must if you want a successful green move. There are many non-polluting packing materials you can use to pack your things with, and the most obvious is cardboard boxes.

These boxes are recyclable and biodegradable, which is great for the environment. So always make sure only to purchase cardboard boxes that can be recycled.

The next thing that you can use as an alternative to cardboard boxes is recycled plastic boxes. Yes, we know plastic is bad for the environment, but please hear us out.

Recycled plastic boxes and wraps are much better for a sustainable move, and somewhere plastic wraps are necessary to safeguard some of our important and valuable things like electrical appliances, documents, etc.

You’ll have to look out that they are made up of recycled or repurposed plastic. Additionally, having extra plastic boxes will be really helpful for you in the long run as they are a good investment.

These can be used hundreds of times without having damaged, and they also provide outstanding protection.

You’ll need some things to fill the gaps in the moving boxes to make the items stable throughout the move. Here, you can use eco-friendly bubble wrap and packing peanuts.

Try to use eco-friendly alternatives whenever possible. Your aim should be to use at least up to 40% environment-friendly packing supplies. Ecological packing peanuts are made of grass and corn or wheat starch, which do not harm the surroundings in any way.

Use What You Already Have

You can also use the things you already have in your home. For example, use towels or washcloths as stuffing in the boxes. Using things you already have will not only cut down your moving expenses by a lot, but it will be eco-friendly too. It is a great way to organize an environment-friendly move.

The main idea behind it is to get as creative as possible. Check your home thoroughly and see for things that can be used for packing in any way. Here are some examples of using at-home items to organize a move.

You can use buckets to pack up bed sheets, pillows, or clothes. Moreover, you can use bins or trash cans to hold different types of household items. Jewelry boxes can be used to store expensive items. Old blankets, bedsheets, towels, and pillows can also be used for filling the gaps between the items packed in recycled boxes.

These all old stuff has superb protective quality and can also be used to wrap fragile or delicate items like furniture, antiques, etc., to avoid any damage or scratches. Towels and quilts can be used in place for bubble wraps and fillers. Tear up newspapers and use them for cushioning the items. As we said earlier, the idea is to get creative with the things you already have and reuse them in a useful manner.

Book Eco-Friendly Removalists Company

Booking the right kind of removal and storage company will set you on the right foot. Many eco-friendly moving companies will help you achieve your goal of having a sustainable move successfully at really affordable prices.

The most acceptable way to get the cheap and best environment-friendly moving company for you is to get quotes from different movers and packers and compare their prices, the type, and quality of supplies they use, and the services they provide.

Research is the key here: inquire about the moving company for eco-friendly moving supplies. Moving companies that consider the environment a priority will have efficient techniques and equipment for an eco-friendly move.

Moving Champs is also one of the best and most sustainable removals and cleaning companies in Australia that provide a safe and ecological moving experience to each of their customers.

Avoid Any Unnecessary Trips

Avoiding unnecessary back-and-forth trips during the move is very important as it increases the carbon footprint. As a result, it causes air pollution and damage to the environment.

Ensure to double-check each and everything and try to work out any situation with minimum use of any vehicle until and unless it is not necessary. As we all know, petrol or diesel is not eco-friendly and economical, so be aware of your decisions.

Make Your New Home Eco-Friendly

After having an eco-friendly move, now move up to make your home environment friendly too. For this, you can do the following things:

A general rule of thumb is to practise minimalism as much as possible. Not only does it clear up your space literally, but also it has an immense effect on your mind too. Recycle all the packing supplies to create less waste. You can use those supplies for your future move too.

Cleaning your home with environment-friendly cleaning products and disinfectants will be a great addition to making your environment clean and pollution-free. Using harmful detergents and soaps damages our flora and fauna and your belongings too.

Hence being conscious about the choice of cleaning supplies is essential. You can hire Moving Champs Cleaning Services in Australia for crystal-like shine in your home. Get efficient led lamps for your home to minimize electricity usage. Try to unplug whenever possible to avoid any useless power consumption.

The Bottom Line

Lastly, we hope you have a clean and green move. Using these tips will help you reach your goal of having an eco-friendly move.

The primary key is to be conscious of your choices, as all of them affect the environment in one way. Just use your creative power to use the things you have already and research a bit about eco-friendly movers and packers around your area.

All of these tips will help reduce air pollution and ground waste by a lot, hence contributing to the betterment of the environment.

The aim is to improve the environment as much as possible, and that will be achieved by embracing eco-friendly packing and moving. So we hope you use these tips and tricks and do the planet favors at really affordable rates.

For any questions or help related to environment-friendly moving and cleaning services, you can freely contact Moving Champs Australia via call or email. We provide the best removal and cleaning services at low prices while taking care of the environment too.

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