Moving and relocation are troublesome, and if you are not prepared well in advance, you might face many difficulties throughout the move.

While you can always seek help from a commercial moving company or house removalists, you should prepare yourself for the move beforehand. With the proper planning and implementation, you can dodge all the troubles that come your way.

Pre-move preparations never go in vain. When you are all prepared for the move, your house relocation process becomes way easier, and you get to enjoy a hassle-free move.

If you are planning to book a storage facility for your items, you need to set an estimate and find budget-friendly yet convenient storage that is weatherproof and climate-controlled as well.

After all, you would not want your treasured belongings to get damaged, right?


Tips And Tricks On How To Prepare Yourself For The Move And Storage During The Relocation

List out the items- Make a list of the items you need to move and sort out the ones you would like to dispose of. Search for storage, or else ask the house mover company to provide you with a storage facility for your items—Declutter the items separately, especially the fragile ones that you would handle more safely and securely. Get rid of the unnecessary items to avoid chaos and save on extra costs during the move.

Packaging- While the house mover company comes equipped with all the necessary packaging material and equipment required for the move, you can get a benefit and cut on some of the time by preparing your items for the move beforehand. Get the right packaging material for the items you want to give extra care to and pack them yourselves.

Pack and mark the delicate stuff so that the removalists are more cautious while they are carried and moved with utmost safety and care during the relocation.

Get seal tapes, vacuum wrap, seal bags, bubble wrap, and if you are using boxes, get wraps to cover the boxes as well because cardboard boxes are more likely to get ruined or damaged if exposed to moisture or dust. Get the packaging that is specifically designed for storing purposes and avoid damage to your treasured belongings.

Sort out and dispose of- Sort out the items, declutter the useful from the useless or unnecessary ones; after all, you would not want to pay for the unnecessary items and burn a hole in your pocket. Sorting things out is always fun, and when you get to save on the extra costs, the fun doubles.

Get your items insured- The most important thing to keep in mind is that removal companies do not provide complete insurance for your items; they only compensate for the loss that occurred from the time of pick up till the time of unloading any losses or damage that occurred before packaging and loading and after unloading has to be covered under your insurance cover. So it is better to get your items insured before the relocation to cut on the hassles and cost of damage during the relocation.

Disassemble large items- Disassemble large items before getting them ready for the move or putting them in the storage facility. In this way, you can save on some space, and it becomes more convenient for you to protect these items from any damage.

Check storage restrictions- Keep in mind that you can’t put everything in the storage. There are certain restrictions on the items that you can keep in the storage. Usually, storage facility providers give you a list of the restricted items, and you are only allowed to put items other than the ones mentioned in the list. Restricted items may include flammable or perishable items, so you better watch out before keeping your items in storage.

Budget-friendly storage- Find an appropriate storage unit that best suits your budget as well as storage needs. Explore storage unit options, compare the options and choose the apt one that is both convenient and safe from any potential damage whatsoever.

With a little effort and analysis, you will be able to get a budget-friendly storage facility near you. Also, do check if your storage is climate protected; if not, then pack your stuff in packaging that is weather and climate-proof.

Protect your inventory – Use premium packaging for delicate and valuable inventory to avoid breakage, loss and prevent any potential damage, be it from climate, moisture, dust, etc. 

Keeping your stuff safe should be your priority. If you are keeping your clothes and wardrobe essentials in storage, make sure to use special packaging to prevent your clothes from getting ruined or torn.

Clothes are more prone to damage from moisture and climate conditions, and if they are not packed and sealed properly, they may get ruined and damaged.

If you are planning to keep your furniture in storage, make sure to apply the best control polish or spray on the furniture to avoid potential damage to your stuff.

Organizing stuff- Label and mark each of the items before keeping them in storage.

Once you are done labelling them, organize your items in such a manner that it doesn’t require a large space and let you save some extra cost of booking or renting a larger space.

Count and Organize your items in such a way that it is easy for you to recollect your stuff with ease once you are done using the storage; also, organizing will help you avoid losing your stuff during recollection.

Labelling allows you to prioritize and decide which stuff needs to be relocated first, and the rest can be kept safe till the time they are ready to be moved.

Personal items- You need to figure out what personal items you need to keep in the storage and check if they will be safe at the storage.

You should always look for storage units that are safe and secure for keeping personal items, check if the units have a camera or proper lock facility, etc. If you are well prepared in advance, you can enjoy a hassle-free relocation.


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