Relocation is difficult! We understand that shifting involves complicated tasks like packing, unpacking, choosing the best company, decluttering, and many more.

You must know how to pack and label your things for a stress-free move properly. Packing early is an essential factor for a stress-free move. However, there are also things you can do while the movers are moving boxes to make the shift much smoother.

Read the suggestions below.

Don’t Take The Movers By Surprise

While movers would gladly assist you in moving all of your goods, try to avoid purchasing new items the day before the move.

Don’t surprise your movers with it if you have a standalone bath or a jacuzzi.

If you plan on doing so, let them know ahead of time so they can prepare. They may require additional equipment to assist them in moving cumbersome items.

Don’t Tell Them What To Do

Some homeowners are anxious that the movers will mishandle their belongings.

Keep in mind that movers are professionals.

They are pros who have moved items from point A to point B before.

They know how to handle delicate items. Ensure you’ve neatly packed and labeled your belongings as a homeowner to assist movers and avoid other issues.

Kids And Pets Should Be Kept Quite Away From The Movers

Take your kids somewhere as much as possible because they may annoy/slow down the movers.

Do the same for your dogs. If this isn’t possible, confine your dogs to an empty room, preferably with the door locked, to prevent them from wandering around the house.

Ensure they have plenty of food, drink, and possibly some toys to keep them occupied.

If your children remained with you, it would be beneficial to keep them out of the way.

Children are more likely to behave when they have something to occupy their time, such as smartphones or iPad, toys, food, or board games.

You can also hire someone to assist you.

Don’t Get In Their Way

Allow the movers to do their thing during the move. You are not required to follow them as they move each box.

This is why it’s critical to identify all of your boxes appropriately to make moving easier for the movers and ensure that fragile items are treated safely.

Do Not Forget About Your Movers

While you must allow the movers to do their work, this does not imply that you should leave the site and wait for them at your new home.

They might have other issues or inquiries for which you might help. To resolve any issue, someone must be present.

If you can’t make it, have a family member stay in your old house while your goods are transported.

This assures that the relocation will go down without a hitch.

  • Combustible liquids, aerosols, weapons, and BBQ gas bottles should not be brought. Items like this run the risk of combusting due to heat or coming into contact with other things, posing a safety risk for removalists, their vehicles, and your belongings. These products should be packed separately and transported with caution.
  • Don’t include any furniture or appliances that aren’t explicitly included in your contract. The removalists allot each move a specific amount of time, and packing extra things can impact your and their schedules for the day. We recognize that items can be forgotten, but calling the office ahead of time to add these goods can make all the difference on moving day. 
  • Encourage youngsters and pets to stay out of the way of removalists. Small children and pets might obscure an already limited and obstructed vision, and no one wants to be wounded or see items ruined on such a special day! Removalists immediately sketch out the safest and most efficient route when shipping your belongings.
  • Moving to a new home or office can be a thrilling experience, but it can also be stressful. Our abundance of knowledge aims to give you a quick and effective transfer of your belongings. Making sure you’re prepared will help you adapt more smoothly on the day of the event and the following days. If you follow our suggested suggestions, you’ll discover that you’ve eliminated a lot of the stress.

Respect Your Removalists 

Above all, the manager of a Moving Champs firm advises that respecting the removalist for the difficult job they do will aid the process.

“Because it’s an unskilled work, it may attract a wide spectrum of people, including some of the smartest people I’ve ever met and those who aren’t,” 

“It’s a dangerous job, and they’re required to do things with their bodies that would be deemed unsafe in any other sector.”

“It’s taxing on the body, and many people don’t realize it.”

Customers with a sense of entitlement may treat removalists “like slaves.”

To Summarize

  • Don’t leave any item in the house or office that you don’t want packed;
  • Offer no alcoholic beverages as a source of refreshment.
  • Don’t make any more products requiring transportation that haven’t been included in your quote. If you’ve forgotten something, please inform your removalists, but be aware that it may result in additional charges;
  • Don’t get in the way of your movers while they move around your home;
  • Do not leave unattended filthy dishes or contaminated clothing. They can be packed in their current state!
  • Food should not be left in the refrigerator;
  • Don’t just let the gas out into the atmosphere to empty the BBQ bottle.
  • Please do not interrupt the workers except to ask questions.
  • Do not allow any of your products to be packed until the proper paperwork has been received and signed.


Follow these tips while dealing with a moving company, and don’t hesitate to contact us anytime if you go through any doubt or confusion. Our movers at Moving Champs Australia will always be there to clear all your doubts. 

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