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Pool table Movers in Bobadah, NSW

Are you worried about moving your beloved pool, billiard, or snooker table? Pool or billiard tables are an item that requires special care and professional handling during relocation. A pool table is a costly and useful household item that unites spaces and individuals. Moreover, if you're planning to move, it makes obvious sense that you need to take it along with you. However, if you're inexperienced with different parts of a pool table, moving it can be a difficult task. Injury can easily occur if an inexperienced person attempts to move a pool table. If you are looking for a team of experienced and professionals pool table movers in Bobadah Moving Champs will not let you down. Here at Moving Champs, we exactly understand the worries you have that make it difficult for you, being unprepared, to move your Pool table by yourself.

Whether it’s local or interstate removals in Bobadah, Central West, NSW, our Pool table Movers in Bobadah will take care of your precious pool table and relocate it or store it with the utmost care and confidence. Our specialized Pool table Movers team has decades of experience to ensure that every aspect of the move is carried out with the utmost safety and precision. We provide you with expert pool table removals services in Bobadah, to address all your worries and make the move easier for you, no matter the distance and the complexity. Moving Champs also provide the option of secure pool table storage. Some customers prefer to have their beloved pool table dismantled a few weeks before vacating their property to free up space temporarily or to settle down to a new location.

Our professional staff have experience in moving various pools, billiard, and snooker tables and understand how they are constructed. We have all the required tools, and experience to avoid any unwelcoming matters and get the job done for you in the fastest turnaround time. This helps them dismantle the table safely, package the table correctly to prevent damage, and reconstruct the table at the destination to the original position. You can contact us for that matter where you have to fill your requirement to get the quotation that renders the estimated cost and our work plan to complete the job. Moving Champs very well know exactly how to pull off all the things. With the correct measures and doing the right thing at the right time, we make your pool table moving journey stress-free and less annoying when you need it the most.


If you can’t bear the thought of leaving your beloved pool table behind, don’t worry - you don’t have to do this! Most of the time pool tables are designed with the relocation process in mind. But if you don’t get the professional furniture removalists in Bobadah in to help, you may get the risk of damaging your pool table during the relocation process. To move your pool table yourself, you’ll need equipment, muscle power, and protective packaging.

Here’s a process of how Moving Champs move a pool table:

  • Gather all the Equipment - First of all, we make sure your toolbox is fully equipped with safety glasses, a set of flathead screwdrivers, a power drill, a level, and something to remove the staples from the felt. Moving a pool table requires professional help as the furniture is quite heavy, so book our expert pool table removals Bobadah for a safe moving experience. Our company ensures that we use thick blankets, bubble wrap, and packing tape so that your table will reach the destination without damage. After that, we place ​all screws, bolts, and nuts in the actual position.
  • Remove the Pockets - Although the pockets on pool tables can be attached differently, they are usually joined with the table using staples, screws, or bolts. Lying on the back under the pocket (wearing safety glasses), the pool table movers carefully remove the pocket and keep the pocket and screws together safely for future use.
  • Detach the Rails - We remove the bolts from the underside of the rails and then slide them out. In case when rails are attached, we may require an extra set of hands to flip them together before disconnecting. Then the mover places the bolts in a resealable bag with proper labelling and wraps the rails of the pool table safely.
  • Remove the Felt - This step of disassembling a pool table requires lots of patience and steady hands. And luckily we have both. We check whether the felt is connected to the pool table with staples or glue. If staples have been used, then we remove the staples from the pool table. If glue has been used, then the movers gently pull the felt backward safely without tearing or damage until the felt has been detached from the slate of the pool table.
  • Detach the Slate - Beware this will be heavy! The slate is usually screwed into the table’s frame, so we will require our power drill. Often the screws can be difficult to find as wax has been used on the head of the screws to prevent damage. Our team of pool table removals experts scrape off the wax before removing the screws and put the screws in a pre-labelled re-sealable bag. And ensure that the slate is well protected before moving.
  • Remove the Legs - We remove the bolts attaching the legs to the frame, again making sure our pool table movers put the bolts in a resealable bag and protecting the legs with sheets or wrap.
  • Load your Pool Table into Truck - Once we’ve disassembled your pool table, then we need to load it into a truck or van, making sure that everything is wrapped carefully and secured tightly. We are now ready to transport your pool table to your destination.

This is all a general overview of how we as a team of pool table movers in Bobadah attempt to disassemble the pool table. The packaging will be done according to the size, type of each pool table part. Every piece of equipment or item is packed in their respective packings and labelled carefully. Moving Champs also provide a storage facility as well for those customers who are looking to store their Pool table for a duration of time, be it for the short-term or long-term.


We are experienced movers in Bobadah: When you are paying for it, you have all the rights to get a reputed and experienced moving company. We proudly say that our professional removalists in Bobadah, Central West, NSW have successfully done 1300+ Pool Table relocation process in Bobadah, Central West. We have a history of 5 years in the Removals industry. Such a vast length has made us build trust among our customers and our quality service has placed us standing in the removals service with a mark.

We have a successful record: Our Moving Company has acquired triumph in the removalists industry by the services we have given to our customers. Our track record shows it all. "Moving Champs" Pool table Movers provide you with the best moving options like instant removals, intercity moving, storage facility, large network, pre and post-move cleaning services, house relocation, office relocations and many more. Our attributes like being on time, fully resourced, our comprehensive range of service, and our dedication towards the work have made us win reliance and dignity in the removals industry.

We provide affordable and customized services: For the customer and the company on both sides, the cost is an important matter and needs to be considered. Taking shortcuts can cost you more than usual in terms of all resources. Our service will assure you the best possible service cost to make your day without compromising the quality of service and the duration of the move. All the services by us at your doorsteps at a very impressive and economical price.

We provide full insurance: All the articles such as pianos, pool tables are heavy, massive and fragile. They include a few parts that can undoubtedly get harmed during a move. Our professional pool table movers have the correct equipment or tools and protection set up to guarantee that you will be compensated if something turns out badly or you hurt the pool table during the transit or in the storage. Moving Champs will assure you that the service we provide to you can save both your time and money and give you an experience that you will not be going to forget shortly.


In what ways how your Pool table Removals Services is better than others?

Our company knows that most pool tables are heavy and expensive, improper relocation of the pool table causes damage or in some cases causes injury to the person performing this heavy task. We recommend hiring professional movers to assist your needs. We have experienced and expert Pool table Movers who can do your removals secure and stress-free.

Will you disassemble my pool table?

Yes, Of course. We disassemble the pool tables for you. "Moving Champs" has high-tech tools and equipment to disassemble the pool table. Our team safely disassemble and reassemble the parts of the pool table when they reach the destination location.

Does felt again be used after relocating?

Yes. "Moving Champs" Pool table Movers can remove the felt with utmost care so that you can use it again, you surely don’t have to worry about it being torn or ripped. Also, we again place it with the help of staples or stick it again with the help of felt gum.

I want to relocate my Pool table. How can I get the quote?

Yes, you can get the quote just by filling up the query form available on our website. We do not charge any extra cost for the quotation. We understand our customer's pool table removal needs and know every person has to plan their budget before going for any service. You can call us - 1800 870 500 anytime for any removals services query.

How much cost do you charge to move a pool table?

The cost of pool table removal will depend on the size and type of pool table you want us to move. Our price is affordable and everyone can avail them. For detailed information, you can contact us to talk to our friendly customer service.

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Kevin Mask

Wow! I am actually amazed by the way they work. My house needed an immediate cleaning because I had to catch my flight to Singapore in a few hours, and I did'nt want to leave my house on a low note. In the state of emergency, I found this site over the internet and called them. Made them understand everything in 5-6 minutes. Under 2 and a half hours, they cleaned every inch of my house and took my headache away.

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What to say? This brand has quality. I had to move my Piano from Brisbane to Logan city, to my niece's house. At first I was worried, about seeing the condition, but as soon as I called Moving Champs I was confident enough that my piano will be moved safely without any doubt. The staff was very helpful and supportive. Whatever the solutions they gave me, were apt to the situation and condition of my Piano. They had the plan ready! They packed the Paino, and loaded it like nothing. Exteremly professional and at the same time cheap Piano removals services.

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I was searching for a single item moving and packing services and I was not sure If I should be hiring a professional moving services for that purpose. But because I didn't have time for such small work, I choose to move with a moving company. But they were all very high rated for such a small moving service. I followed the reference of one of my friends who had hired there moving service in the past. I first thanked my friend and now want to thanks to your moving team. Faultless moving service. They are the best moving company near me and in entire Australia.

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The 4 movers who came to my house were very friendly and assured that we are happy with their service. They took the time and asked about my opinions and instructions. They made sure that all my furniture which was mainly glass and white is packed safely and is moved with the utmost care. If I have to move again, I would definitely choose them. Best moving experience with the Moving Champs' furniture removalists services.

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Dean Michaels

They were really good. To be honest I wasn't so sure about what I am about to get. The removalists service I got from them was by far the best moving service near me. I am really happy and satisfied after getting their service. Thank you, Moving Champs for your outstanding service all around.

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Elizabeth Lords

These guys are very reliable and professional, and happy to help me out at the very last moment when I wanted to move my Pool table. The whole experience was very pleasant and satisfying. Moving Champs is definitely the best Pool table Removalists near me and across Australia. I would be definitely be recommending them to the people near me and reading this. Thanks, Moving Champs.

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