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Bathtub Movers in Shannon-vale, New South Wales

Taking a dip in a spa and bathtub is a superb way to soothe your body after a stressful day. But shifting and removing a bathtub is often very stressful. Also, hauling the broken pieces and fitting them is often almost impossible. Hence, if you have a spa or bathtub which you are finding difficult to move on ownself, then don’t worry choose the best spa/bathtub movers in Shannon-vale. The sharp edges and its sheer size consume a major amount of space, making it unsafe during the removal process for your members of the family and also for your property.

For your safety and convenience, Moving Champs provides professional bathtub removals in Shannon-vale, Northern that will facilitate you with affordable spa and bathtub removals services. You shouldn’t wrap your head around the pickup and disposal since we’ll do everything for you. Moreover, our professional bathtub movers are 24/7 available to serve our client with safe and secure moving service. Our movers are provided with the tools and skills required to move bathtubs of any size. Apart from that, we are available at your most convenient hours so we won’t get within the way of your busy lifestyle and bonding hours.


Our company Moving Champs uses an organized process to complete this task of bathtub/spa moving. With the proper choice of moving tools, equipment and budget-friendly van/truck removals service, we make sure of a damage-free bathtub removalin Shannon-vale, Northern.

Like every other task, this one also requires a process to complete most satisfactorily and smoothly.

Gather proper tools and equipment:
To remove your bathtub safely and smoothly, our professional bathtub movers will require the following tools and safety gears:

  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • Allen wrench
  • Jigsaw
  • Prybar
  • Utility knife
  • Drywall saw or reciprocating saw
  • Plastic sheet or old plastic bags for vent covers
  • Safety glasses
  • Work gloves
  • Closed-toe shoes with sturdy soles

Shut off and drain water:
We will require you to do some quick preparation before they start moving your bathtub.

  • Our bathtub removalists will shut off the water to the lavatory at your home’s main water shut-off valve.
  • They turn on the bathtub’s faucet to empty any water left within the pipes.

Removing bathtub’s hardware:
Now it's time to strip the faucet and drains from your tub. These can be removed in any order, but our bathtub movers find it’s easiest to start from the top to down.

How to remove a bathtub faucet?

  • Scrape away any caulk between your faucet and also the wall employing a utility or spatula.
  • Movers check for a screw on the underside of the tap.
  • If there's no screw, we grab the tap with both hands and switch counterclockwise until it detaches.
  • If there's a screw, we use a wrench to get rid of it. Pull the tap far away from the wall.
  • Then check the exposed pipe for an adaptor—it will seem like a chunk of threaded metal on the tip of the pipe.
  • After this we disconnect the adaptor by using an Allen wrench to get rid of the screw fastening it to the pipe.

How to remove faucet handles?

If you've got lever-style handles, our bathtub movers use an Allen wrench to get rid of the screws holding them in place. Generally, the screws are found beneath the lever. For other handle styles, our movers use a screwdriver to get rid of the screws. If screws are invisible, they're probably under a “plug” on the front of the handle—carrying the manufacturer’s logo. Professional movers use the tip of your screwdriver to pry off the plug and expose the screw.

After removing the screws, movers slide the handles off the valve stems by pulling them toward themselves. If the handles are stuck, they spray on a coat of WD-40 and wait 10 minutes before trying it again.

How to remove drain covers and drain?

  • Our movers unscrew the drain cover employing a screwdriver or wrench.
  • Pry up the duvet and pull it from the bathtub.
  • If there are not any screws, they only pry up the quilt with a screwdriver or spatula. If it won’t embark when lifting it straight up, they struggle twisting it counterclockwise, because it could also be threaded in.
  • Find the screws on the overflow drain cover. They’ll either be located on the cover’s face or under the underside fringe of the faceplate.
  • Use a screwdriver or wrench to get rid of them.
  • Our bathtub movers locate the access panel for your bathtub’s pipes on the opposite side of the wall behind your tub.
  • If there's no access panel and also the bathroom is on the bottom floor, our moves check the basement ceiling under your bathroom. If they aren’t accessible from your basement, our movers would force us to chop through the drywall behind your tub to succeed in the pipes.
  • Locate the most and overflow drain pipes.
  • Detach both pipes by turning the nuts counterclockwise with a wrench.

Takedown the tile:
To remove your bathtub, Our bathtub movers will first require to tear out the encircling tile. Here’s how they do:

  • Score the tile grout with a utility knife up to about 8 inches from the rim of the bathtub.
  • Pry off the tile with a spatula.
  • Repeat until all tile has been removed.

Professional bathtub packing service:
Our professional bathtub movers in Shannon-vale, Northern, pack every part of your bathtub in an exceedingly good quality material that may protect your bathtub from any quiet damage or breakage during transit. Our professional furniture removalists use high-quality packing foam and moving blankets to shield the spa tub or bathtub from any dent or damage while taking it through the narrow spaces.

Loading bathtub into the truck:
Our bathtub removalists in Shannon-vale, Northern use a truck that incorporates a ramp. After ensuring that the moving dolly is attached to the tub, our bathtub movers will load the recent tub on the moving truck by fastening it to the sliding dollies and safely load it to the truck.


Keep your moving tension aside: Hiring Moving Champs as your bathtub movers in Shannon-vale, Northern, means that, we coordinate the transportation from entryway to entryway, permitting you to target the fun aspect of the relocation.

Efficient cost: A bath or spa is a rich item but our service of removing your bathtub isn't that much costly. Our clients trust us for being so cost-effective with no compromise within the quality of the service.

Professional Removalists: Trust us, removing a spa could be a hard job to require on its own, and our bathtub movers team is attentive to this fact. That's why they use their years of experience to create their process of moving the tub so well. Our team removed almost 2500 bathtubs before and not one case of poor service quality is received by us.

Insurance: Our insurance will ensure that your belongings are secure in all told cases that our bathtub removal service experts face during the moving process.

When our movers provide the house removalists services they take special care because they understand that what proportion of every item of the home is near your heart and also the family. That's why we are here to serve you and provide our greatest time to make your moving service experience.


Do you provide storage containers for bathtubs?

Yes, Moving Champs provides safe container storage services for your bathtub. Our bathtub storage containers are 7 feet long and are of various sizes to fit your needs. We offer short-term additional as long-term storage services for your bathtub.

For how long a bathtub should be drained off before a move?

24 hours is the maximum time to empty off your bathtub and let it dry before the removal. If you wish to empty your tub faster you'll use a spigot that can drain your tub within 1 hour and don’t forget to show the facility button off. Draining your tub is the most vital factor for your removal because spa tubs are too heavy to relocate when they're filled with water.

Does disassembling different parts of a bathtub charge some additional cost?

No, we don't include any extra charge for the disassembling and assembling process. Disassembling is an element of a moving process, and once we discuss it, we are referring to the relocation process itself. We charge hourly rates, and in those hours disassembling counts as an integral process. So after we speak about disassembling a tub, we do not charge any extra fee for that.

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